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ARRI Stabilized Remote Head SRH3


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hey yall

I am curious about some of the the features of the SRH3. Does it have backpan compensation? also the roll axis specs say 90+-. is it 90 degrees of roll in both directions or 90 degrees total? and is that 90 degrees of roll active no matter in which orientation it is mounted?

anyone have experience with this head and can tell me about how well the stabilization works? also looks like only a little bit of clearance, so probably only stripped down bodies, rite?



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Hi Brett.


I haven't yet taken delivery of my unit, but I hope to have it within the next week. I did however spend a day at Arri in Munich investigating the head before I decided to purchase, so I can answer your questions a little, if that helps.

By backpan compensation you are meaning that the camera maintains its heading, no matter the panning action of the crane? Yes it does, by default. But you can disable this by activating 'follow' mode.

The roll axis has 180 degrees of movement in total, no matter if the head is hanging or perching. (or cantilevered!)

I haven't had the opportunity to truly test out the stabilisation capabilities yet, but my best guess is that it is highly effective up until about 150mm lenses. I did view some test footage with longer lenses and it all looks good.

You're correct in that there is limited clearance, but its not ridiculous. In fact its pretty much the same as the Oculus/ Maximus 7 remote which I mostly use. It might get a bit boring for the AC having to strip all the accessories constantly if you are going back and forth all the time, but it also might engender some tidy house keeping regarding the camera build. Less frilly bits hanging off also means less vibration and resonance, which is a good thing for any stabilised head. And at 41cm total width, this is what attracted me to this product in the first place. Finally a stabilised remote you can actually use in the smaller stage sets etc.

I'm about to start a long format project with the Alexa 65, and the SRH3 will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting. I'm sure I will discover limitations and problems along the way but for now I think this is a brilliant little head.



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On 9/2/2019 at 12:12 AM, Brian Pearson said:

Hi Kim,  Curious how you like the Arri SRH3 remote head? Especially with the Alexa 65?  Thanks!  Brian

Sorry for the delayed reply... like one year late! 

Ive used this head on 2 features now, and an Amazon TV serial. Actually I love it. It’s so lightweight, yet strong, and this a major benefit for me being able to move the unit (with camera) from dolly to techno or whatever.

stabilisation is as good as any higher priced head, even on longer focal lengths.

Alexa 65 was a walk in the park, once we developed a sensible camera build. 

My experience with this head always starts with some skepticism from the DP and operator, and always finishes with a strong nod of approval. I still rent a Maximus 4 quite often for specialty shots (example Matrix mode), but the rest of the time I am completely happy to be on the SRH 3. It really is a versatile tool and very reliable. 

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