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ZEISS Supreme Primes 5 Lens Kit for SALE!

Dinesh Potluri

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All ZEISS Supreme Primes are Brand new and never used.


ZEISS Supreme Prime 5-Lens Set ( 25, 29, 35, 50 & 85mm) PL Mount. 

ZEISS Supreme Prime 25mm T1.5 (PL Mount)

ZEISS Supreme Prime 29mm T1.5 (PL Mount)

ZEISS Supreme Prime 35mm T1.5 (PL Mount)

ZEISS Supreme Prime 50mm T1.5 (PL Mount)

ZEISS Supreme Prime 85mm T1.5 (PL Mount)


We bought ZEISS SUPREME PRIME Lens set for $113,500. All lenses are brand new and never used our asking price for these PRIMES is $99,655.  


For additional pictures of lenses and any questions please contact us at 

Email - seebeyondusa@gmail.com


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