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Angenieux vs. Switar vs. Schneider Zooms

Matthew B Clark

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I will be funding and shooting a short film myself (15' length) on 200T using an EBM (super 16). 

I'm contemplatng picking up a zoom with more appealing bokeh like the Angenieux 17-68 or perhaps even a Schneider 18-90 zoom.  Both have very different character and bokeh it seems, but BOTH are better in that department than my current Switar 16-100 POE.  I don't mind a lens that soft vignettes or darkens or distorts lightly at the edges, as I think that will compliment my Kinoptik 5.7 and will reinforce the look of the film.  But I wanted to know if this Switar POE 16-100 is a bad idea to shoot with as I would rather buy a new lens now than discover unusable and weird bokeh later when editing.  I love the sharpness of the POE, but I can't help feeling like the Angenieux 17-68 will work better.  Is it worth the gamble?  Or am I worrying too much about how bad the POE will look here?  Just need some seasoned input on this subject because I'm about to buy it....and I don't want to if the POE will work fine.



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