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Cineovision-Zeiss (Vintage, PL Rehoused FULL FRAME 35 Set - Late 70's) [EUROPE]

Ignacio Aguilar

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I'm selling a very rare, vintage (Late 70's - Early 80's) set of Spherical Full Frame lenses.

All PL mounted and marked in FEET. All have 95mm fronts, focus & iris gears and have been recently serviced. 

Cineovision 20mm T3 (Zeiss Flektogon) (covers Super 35)
Cineovision 24mm T1.6 (Canon FD or K35) (covers Super 35 and beyond, but edges get blurred outside the S35 area)
Cineovision 28mm T2 (Zeiss Contax "Hollywood") (covers FF35)
Cineovision 35mm T1.6 (Zeiss Contax) (covers FF35)
Cineovision 50mm T1.6 (Zeiss Contax) (covers FF35)
Cineovision 85mm T1.6 (Zeiss Contax) (covers FF35)
Cineovision 100mm T2 (Zeiss Contax) (covers FF35)
Cineovision 135mm T2 (Zeiss Contax) (covers FF35)

The 20-24-35-50-85mm lenses have been recently serviced by TLS and have new t/stop scales for accurate light transmission. 

The 28mm lens was bought later and updated/serviced by Eastern Enterprises in Japan. It's basically a new lens.

The 100mm and 135mm have been converted to PL mount about six months ago and serviced by Les Bosher with focus/iris gears and 95mm fronts. 

Glass and mechanics are PERFECT for late 70's or early 80's glass. Cineovision housings are incredibly robust an reliable, and compare to the latest rehousings. This is not a cheap rehousing or cinemod. 

These lenses have a similar look to Zeiss T1.3 Superspeeds, with perfect round irises and FULL FRAME coverage from 28-35-50-85-100-135mm (FOV is about 18mm to 85mm in Super 35). Plus the 20mm and 24mm allow you to employ the set on regular Super 35 cameras. They are vintage but as Zeiss glass, their look is clean and nice.

Here's a couple of videos shot with the Cineovisions:



Find some pictures of the actual set attached to this post. More pictures available if there's some serious interest. 

ASKING 49900 EUROS OBO for the 8 lenses. 0% VAT offered for EU VAT Registered and International Buyers.

PM for details or send email to info@harmonicarental.com





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