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Nizo S 800 clicks when trigger is pressed, but shutter only opens/closes every once & awhile

Jared Hall

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Ive had this problem ever since I got this off eBay, everything works electronically, but for some reason sometimes when I hold in the trigger it just makes a clicking noise and the shutter does nothing. Other times it will work perfectly fine, and then once I let go and press it agin it just goes back to clicking. Ive found that setting it to the time lapse / timer mode and holding in the trigger will sometimes make the shutter start to open and then it will work somewhat fine afterwards, but this only works randomly. It sounds like it wants to work but I guess I just ordered a faulty partially working camera for $300 😓 If anyone has had this problem and knows whats going on please let me know, thanks!

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Had the same problem on my 481 macro. First of all, you must remove the cover with the switches, 4 tiny screws. Remove the plate and have a close look at the contacts, that might be dirty or even oxidized. First step is to clean them carefully, with some contact spray on a cotton wool stick, do not spray directly into the camera!!! Second, it can be necessary to bend the contact (arrow on the right) that is soldered with the white lead and moved by the lever with the plastic cap - just a little bit to reduce the force necessary to move the contact arm. This finally helped to cure my Nizo 481. More instructions for DIY Nizo repair see here: https://www.filmvorfuehrer.de/topic/22741-diy-nizo-reparatur (in German)



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