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FOR SALE: Aaton XTR Super 16mm camera kit

Paul D Williams

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FOR SALE: Aaton XTR super 16mm camera kit

Aaton XTR camera SN c1709 PL mount, Aatoncode, Exposure reading

3 x 400” DX Magazines SN M4974, M3784, M3801

3 x magazine throat protectors

Cinematography Electronics Intervalometer SN 6413 + cable

Aaton walnut handgrip + cable

NP1 battery adaptor

15mm rails/handgrip adaptor

Aaton mount spare, other loose parts

Origin C+ 

2 x 15.6 V 3 Ah Aaton batteries ( recelled 3 years ago - all holding charge)

4 x 12 V Aaton batteries ( recelled 3 years ago - all holding charge)

ICE Film Equipment LTD TOP C/D 16V/12V Aaton battery charger (charges 3 batteries at once)

Harrison Film Changing Bag

Extension eyepiece (Tillhor Sveriges Television AB 880871 K399)

Rollerbox Aluminium case (fitted for camera)


More photos of the camera and footage shot with this camera can be seen here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h4xxlmtikpidtf6/AABgjHcTbE41VOt6XG4KvvC1a?dl=0

This is a very lightly used Aaton XTR, that's in exceptional condition. There is no video split installed but one can be installed by AZ Spectrum in NYC, USA and elsewhere.

I'm selling as I don't have cause to shoot 16mm these days. The camera is located in Perth, Australia but can be shipped worldwide. The kit is fully operational. The kit was never rented, and has been my personal camera. 

Asking price $AUD12,000


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