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Rehousing Leica M glass to PL

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I did some research on rehousing my Leica M0.8 set to PL mount housings. The flange depth is where the problem lies. But is it possible maybe with changing some elements of the lens, so in fact making a new lens with using the glass from the M lenses?

Would love to fit them to PL, makes a big difference when using multiple lenses on a single body.


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I have looked into this... but there are others who have looked much further into this so I reckon you should contact TLS and Zero . 

Would you accept rehousing them to LPL...? it leaves more room to work on the rear elements movement.. 

I fancy a very fast set in LPL but it won't be able to inc the 21mm for example... 

and which ones do you want to rehouse? 


BUT if I understand you right you are thinking about changing actual glass elements? So the lenses protrude less? This I am think is not really practically possible..

Even the https://www.leitz-cine.com/product/elsie (which I was told are kind of based on the look and feel of Leica M glass) don't work in PL.. 

Any way good luck! 


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