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Sony Venice 1/2 Lag

kamiel doens

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Hi everybody!

I'm starting as DP on a tv-series with the Venice2 next week. I have run into an issue with SDI outputs. There seem to be a delay around 4 frames. We tried all outputs, also Monitor Out.


5.4k s35 in X-OCN ST

Vaxis 3000 Transmission system

First the focuspuller noticed it during the tests, we changed different monitors and transmission systems. We found something faster but still not as fast as the Alexa systems. But it's manageable.

The problem lies more with the sound-department. If we want to give playback to the crew, there is a delay on the video while the audio is playing back instantly. Anybody found a work-around? Maybe but delay on the audio too of 4 fps. Or something else?

Anybody reached out to Sony yet? I have the feeling the delay is a bit worse then the Venice1.

In commercials this is all fine but fiction, my crew is a bit worried... For such a high-end cinema camera this is a bit embarrassing...

Thanks in advance for your time.

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