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Best Color for Anti-Glare/Anti-Reflective Coating for Eyeglasses on Film/TV

Bruce Hu

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I have a couple of eyeglasses frames I'd like to install non prescription anti-glare/anti-reflective lenses into but I don't know what color(s) I should go with for the purposes of film/tv. The owner of the eyewear shop I contacted about it recommended I consult some DP's before making a final decision. I thought any old coating would work until the owner asked me what color option I wanted. Anybody here (DP's, glasses wearers, etc.) have any relevant information they can share?

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Just get clear lenses. An anti reflective coating does not require any color tint, and the colors of the coating itself is so minimal it will not alter your perception of color. A perfect example is the Zeiss T* coating used on cinema lenses, binoculars, optical equipment, ophthalmology diagnostic machines, etc. for decades. It’s simply a thicker; Zeiss branded AR coating.

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