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  1. We have an Alexa Mini LF for sale.

    Alexa Mini LF Body (1022 hrs)

    ARRI LPL Lens Mount 

    ARRI PL-to-LPL-Adapter

    MVF-2 Viewfinder with cables

    With the original box.

    Sold both our Mini's and didn't plan to sell the LF but we realised that we can get a V Raptor while still being able to afford more Leitz lenses to complete our set. 

    The Mini LF, mount and MVF-2 are in excellent condition. We love it and it served us well but right now it just makes more sense for us to sell it. 

    $70,000 USD / £59,000 GBP

    Email: gregorypauldp@gmail.com


  2. I am selling an Alexa Mini kit that is in pristine condition. The Alexa Mini has 1520 hours and includes all licenses. 

    Included with the Alexa Mini:

    4:3 Licence 
    Look Licence 
    Arri PL LDS Lens Mount 
    Arri EVF Eyepiece (MVF-1)
    Arri EVF Cable 
    Arri View Finder Bracket (MBV-1)
    2x Arri Side Bracket (MSB-2)
    Arri Center Camera Handle (CCH-2)
    Arri Mini Adapter Plate (MAP-2)
    2x Arri Mini Adapter Plate (MAP-1)
    Arri Bridge Plate Adapter (BP-8)
    Arri Shoulder Mount (CSP-1)
    Dove Tail Plate 
    D-Box Gold Mount Power Adaptor
    2x Rod Mounting Brackets (RMB-3)
    15” Bars
    5pin To XLR sound Cable

    4x 256 GB Cards
    Codex Card Reader

    Pelican Flight Case

    Asking: £25,000 GBP

    Pictures upon request

    Located in Brighton, United Kingdom. I can ship outside of the UK or outside of Europe.

    Email: gregorypauldp@gmail.com


  3. Hello,


    Here is a list of used AATON A-minima accessories I don't use and I'd like to sell in order to save for a new lens.


    - 2 Aminima magazines - 450 euros each

    - 2 Aminima clip on batteries - 100 each

    - AATON Aminima Black and white video tap (625 lines) - 600 euros


    Please contact me for pictures and more details. Worldwide shipping.

  4. Hello,


    I'm looking for the email address of the Kodak Motion film sale office in US. I'm preparing a shooting in US and contacting them by email would be easier for me. I tried the online contact form on Kodak website but I'm not sure it works correctly.


    Thanks for help !

  5. Hello,


    I'm looking for a XTR AATON Camera. If you have one available for sale please send me your offer including details, camera version and serial numbers, and price of course.


    Basically I need the camera + 2 mags + wooden handle + batts and charger. I don't need lens at all.







  6. Hello,


    I'm selling a 200ft (60m) Mag for Arri 35mm cameras (35IIB-C, 35III, 235)


    It is in very good condition overall with few minor scuffs. Inside, it is absolutely clean and in very good condition too. Has been tested, light proof and scratch free. It works fine. The mag is sold with its loop protector.


    Sold 75 euros (around 100 USD) excluding shipping.


    Feel free to ask for a shipping quote and pictures of the mag as well.

  7. Hello,


    I'm selling various cine/video gear that I don't use. Here is the list :


    - 4x4 Chrosziel SD440 Mattebox - 250 euros

    - 4x4 Canon Mattebox - 150 euros

    - Zoom ring gear for zoom control - 30 euros

    - Fly case for 300mm Canon SSC / PL - 80 euros

    - Universal mount / B4 Sony mount adapter - 200 euros

    - Calzone Fly case for Canon 7-63mm zoom - 80 euros

    - Sony NP box for camcorder - 20 euros

    - Pro-X NP-50 battery (new) - 50 euros

    - SWIT SC-302 NP charger (new) - 110 euros


    Check pictures and description of the items here : FOR SALE Descriptions are in French, translation is available upon request.


    Gear is located in France but I can ship anywhere in the world.



  8. Hello,


    It's time to upgrade and I'd like to sell my 35IICV camera.


    The sale includes:


    - 35IICV camera body, 1.37 GG and gate, Nikon F mount (professional mod), variable shutter. truly in excellent condition. it works fine. Serial 14xxx

    - 25fps handgrip motor with power cable in excellent cond. the motor is rock steady.

    - variable handgrip motor with power cable in excellent cond.

    - One 120m / 400ft magazine, forward and reverse. really clean inside, it works fine. In average to good condition cosmetically.

    - Mag cover + camera body mag path cover and lens mount cap.

    - Tripod adapter for handgrip motors


    post-10054-078970300 1289264441.jpg


    The picture shows the camera equiped with a 17-35 Nikon lens, a mattebox and a 200ft mag wich are NOT included ;-)


    Asking price : 1600 euros excluding shipping.


    Feel free to ask for more pictures.

  9. Hello !


    About the 35-3 Nikon mount :


    The interchangeable front on the 35-3 is just a simple plate with the mount and the screws to attach it to the body...



    That's exactly what I was thinking about. Good to know that it's possible to do.


    About the 35II Nikon mount :


    I've just designed and had made a hardfront Nikon mount for my 2b. I had the plate...



    Rob, you've made a very nice job ! When I bought my 35IIC, it was already converted to a Nikon mount (Academy centered) by a tech, but I don't know who has made the modification although. The only drawback is that it's not easy to rotate the Iris ring because the mount is deeper in the hardfront. Rob, do you have the same drawback on your Nikon mount ?


    About the 35II viewfinder and italian door :


    Here's a picture of an Italian Door that Gregory Paul (of these forums) was selling a few weeks ago on eBay.


    The Italian door is very comfortable to use and it becomes easier to focus. Although I decided to sell it because I prefer the original door for its compactness.

    As far as I remember from my IIB, the IIC viewfinder is better !

  10. Hello John,


    Yes I already know about the focal flange distance difference. But since the front casting of some 35-5 seems to be removable with the four screws, I was more thinking about a new front catsing with a Nikon mount that could replace the original one without deep modification. Maybe it's not that simple although !

  11. Hello !


    I was wondering if it was possible to have a Nikon F mount on an Arri 35-3.

    I noticed that some 35-3 had lens port fitted by 4 screws. I guess they are the latest versions of the camera.

    So, if it's possible to change the lens port, is there any manufacturer still making such mount ?

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