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  1. The obvious answer is "better", but give us a week to do some real testing and meaningful results. Jim
  2. Stephen. I am sorry. I don't remember all the people I met at IBC by name. But you are stating things that seem derogatory to the RED program whether you mean to or not. The dynamic range will be confirmed as soon as we get back home and do more testing. If you are unwilling to take a stab at what you saw in the Porsche shot... that's OK. We'll post it to show the tremendous lattitude of our sensor. To include a 4k Arri light IN the shot was pretty brave IMHO. The way our sensor handled it was applauded by all. Including many who have major film credits. At the end of the day, you can look at numbers (which we have quoted as >66 db) or you can look at the footage. Jim
  3. "I heard the 15 stop claim before I saw the footage, that may account for some of my dissapointment." Sounds like you were disappointed with the footage. That means you saw it. That means you were at IBC. That means you had an opinion of it relative to the Porsche shot. We all want to hear what your opinion was. Those that had an opinion did see the Porsche shot. Jim
  4. What the hell are you talking about? Jim
  5. Stephen, We officially claim >66db. That's it. Some who left the theater (and some in Hollywood) said 12-15 stops, which we have not measured. You saw the footage. What was your assessment of the Porsche shot? I assume you saw the footage at IBC. We will post that shot next week (only debayered .tiff) so everyone can take a swing at their opinion of the dynamic range. But I'd love to hear your opinion before we post it. You get to be the expert for a week. And your opinion will be scrutinized when the image is released. Jim
  6. 16:9 sensor. Actually 4900x2580 gross. 4520x2540 usable. Scales down to 4k. Jim
  7. The body will be under 7 lbs. And the camera can be moved anywhere on the rails you want. The back end telescopes rearward with the battery and drive extending as far as you want for balance. We see no need for anamorphic. Shoot 4520 wide by whatever aspect ratio you want. There is plenty of resolution to hold full cinema presentation. More real world configurations on our website next week. Sorry for any confusion we created with our IBC model. Jim
  8. Phil... with all due respect, there are 7 of us running with our hair on fire. We are just fine... mistakes and all. This is a garage operation showing the process, for better or worse. We are learning a lot from feedback from our open process. I'm sure others run their business how they want. This is the way I have chosen to do it. 8 months ago we had nothing. And everyone was a skeptic and thought this "RED thing" was a scam. Now we are down to mistakes one of our reps makes at a trade show? We have come a long way. I acknowledge that we are not perfect. And others can call bullshit all they want. One by one we are proving the skeptics wrong. Jim
  9. We did not do a good job of presenting the versatility of our rail and cage program. Next week we will post a much better representation on our website. Sorry for the confusion. It is our fault. We'll fix it. We were just so focused on getting the footage ready. Jim This is a bit smaller configuration.
  10. The real Jim Murdoch in Scotland (with picture shown) never posted on this website. His identity was stolen and used by another person who didn't have the courage to post as himself. Jim
  11. That is why we have developed REDCODE RAW.
  12. Deanan makes a great point here, it depends on how you are rating ISO... and the only way to really compare the cameras' ISO is to shoot them side by side with the same set of criteria. If you ask Arri marketing, they might tell you ISO 320 but if you ask the engineers, they might tell you 64-80 (which is what they told me). They both can be correct depending on rating methodology. The real question is what do the images look like at ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, etc. each camera compared to the other.
  13. Greg... great question. Original guess was about ISO 320 when we turned it on. After testing several IR filters and selecting the one we like best, we currently believe the sensor to be ISO 100-125 in "shooting condition". The good news is that the image is SO clean, it is pretty easy to push the ISO up without traditional penalties. Our initial tests of this were too incredible to post without taking some time to verify carefully what we saw. When we get back, it is on our long list of tests to perform. For additional reference, the Arri D20 is rated at ISO 64-80 (or so the tech guys told me). I am not sure what the Dalsa is rated. Maybe Deanan can help us out here. Jim
  14. Deanan... a voice of reason back on the board. Nice to see you posting here again. Jim I wasn't at the booth today. :-) Jim
  15. The secrets are not found at the fab house...
  16. Michael... your point is well taken. You are correct about Dave. My error. I have been posting a bit too much and not checking what I am writing well enough. It is not in my nature to be defensive. But I have never been accused of fraud before (in 30 years of business) and I didn't like it. I have been warned many times not to engage in these forums. I thought that keeping a dialog with the industry would be a good thing. We have received many useful suggestions by the interaction. I think that it is healthy for me to stop the posting now because it has been more frustrating than informative lately. And our footage does speak for itself. Jim
  17. hehe... xactly. My brian is two steps behind and one left of my brain. Jim
  18. Again, my fingers are trailing my brian. Yes, Otto Nemenz. They have the maximum number (5) reserved. Jim
  19. We scrambled to make IBC (just did beat the deadline) and we will post both footage (1k or 2k H.264) and stills (debayered from RAW) as soon as we get back to the office end of the week or 1st of next. Jim
  20. As I mentioned in a previous post, if this were a scam, it would include Otto Nemitz, Assimilate, Quvis and would put my reputation at risk... not exactly sure what would be gained. Thank you for correcting my terminology... my frustration is running well ahead of my typing. Jim I guess the question begs to be asked, is this something you would ever really consider doing? Or do you actually know anyone that would ever consider such a thing? I don't. Jim
  21. The compliments we have received from everyone who has actually seen the footage and then placed reservations is more then enough offset than a few "tweaks" we hear here from those who have not seen the footage. But the inference that the footage has been faked is not well received. It is not necessary for us to show you our breadbox to convince you the footage is real. Our job is to finish the camera on time and deliver to reservation holders more than they have bet on. Our time will now be spent to that end. If there are some who cling to some conspiracy theory, they will do it without further response. Jim
  22. This thread is just too funny. I guess it is being suggested that our footage looks too good to be real? Thank you so much. And just because you can't do it doesn't mean that we can't either? Let's see, the Assimilate people are in on the hoax? And David Stump, head of ASC, is in on the hoax? And the people at Quvis are in as well? You guys really kill me. Do you have anything valid to offer besides such nonsense? Please excuse me if I take personal offense that my 30 year business career (and public scrutiny, NYSE-OO) has lead to being accused as a fraud. Get a life. Jim By the way, Otto Nemitz has personally been to the RED building, seen our camera, has seen the raw footage, and witnessed the grading of the footage. Jim
  23. David... voice of reason. The camera is quickly and infinitely configurable. Maybe we threw everone off by the picture of the Mothership, which was just to show that everything can work together in any combination. It really never would, but that wasn't the point. We are listening and we'll present better next time. Of course there is a top handle. And you can have nothing but the body and top handle if you like. And you will be able to go from shoulder to tripod in 5 sec. or less. We are still showing "sketches". The body has already changed twice from what we showed at IBC. The rest of the system is now going through a weight loss program. I guess the unusual part is that we are showing the process. Nothing is locked down yet. But we are getting close. We'll show next round in a month or so. Jim
  24. We claim, and apparently to those that have seen the footage, deliver an extremely clean 66db S/N ratio. There has been NO noise reduction on the footage we are showing. None. A simple debayer, color profile and color timing by the Assimilate people. David Stump can verify the process. The footage now speaks for itself. I will sign off this board due to time constraints. I just don't have the time to monitor and properly respond to all forums. My best to you all. Hope you have a chance to see the footage as we find new venues to show it. Jim
  25. Keith... or is that "bullandgoose"? We claim greater than 66db. And that we can get better with some sensor tweaking. That's it. Others have said 14-15 stops. If one of our guys repeated it, sorry. Too early to say a stop range. Nice to see you post your real name this time. And I acknowledge receipt of your personal email. Jim
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