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  1. All I can say is that some people's concept of "real" is well, unique.

    I know there are any number of websites where you can download sample RED footage, but you are only ever going to be able to download what somebody wants you to download. I would like to see an hour or so of continuous footage on a TV or Cinema screen, not be directed to an endless series of bandwidth-hogging downloads that will require me to upgrade my internet connection.

    The road to the supposed death of film is littered with the bodies of video fanboys who grew overheated at the excellence of their video on a 14 inch screen, only to be devastated when they saw the same footage on a 14 METRE screen.


    Keith... you know how long it takes from shooting a movie until theater release. Soderbergh's two movies (Ché) will be released in a couple of months. They were shot last year on prototype pre-production cameras. He is shooting The Informant (Matt Damon) starting next month. You won't see that movie until the beginning of next year. Peter Hyams (Beyond A Reasonable Doubt) Starring Michael Douglas, is wrapping now. You won't see that for many months. Since the official 1st ship date was just 7 months ago, what would you expect to see on the big screen? There are now over 30 features being shot on RED. It is unreasonable to expect that any of them would be in theaters next month. But you know that.



  2. I'm sorry but i had to say it.


    I don't understand all this at all. It's only a tool!


    I don't get the pro/contra stuff in this forum! Jannard doesn't get a gun in our head and say "buy it".


    For me? Price-quality are ok.


    I don't see the problem in some new stuff moving around, actually it's more fun like this.


    See, try, look and decide... simple like that.


    Greetings everybody from Spain.


    Smartest post in two years...



  3. Rodney... this board is dedicated to skepticism and theory only... no real shooting experience allowed. :-)


    Seriously, nice to have your feedback.


    Are you Mac or PC?



  4. Which "Keith" are you referring to? Surely not me.

    Or were you planning to have someone from the FBI there waiting to arrest me if I show up?


    OK... you figured it out. I guess I can call of the dogs. Bummer.


    Since the ruse has been figured out, you are all uninvited.



  5. I'd like to personally invite all that are attending NAB this year to stop by the RED booth. That includes Phil, Max, Keith... and all those that have been true and loyal skeptics.


    We plan to show the new, fresh sheet of paper, 18-85mm T2.9 RED zoom, a working prototype of the 85mm T1.9 RED prime lens and three new "other things", including Scarlet.


    The entrance to the theater has been moved outside the tent so it will be easier to get inside and see the stuff. We will show new 4K footage in the theater.


    I'll be the one that smells like cigar smoke.



  6. The temptation to respond started almost two years ago. I guess I just got lost in the quest to convince the hardest nuts (no disrespect intended) RED was not a scam. And I got very frustrated somewhere along the way. My bad.


    I've learned my lesson (finally-hopefully). Phil, Max, Evangelos and others will always post the contrarian viewpoint. God love 'em. I'll try harder to look at the light side of what they post. I expect them to continue to push my buttons. That's what they do. But finally, what we started only two years ago is taking hold.


    We are shooting features. Many of them. More everyday. So their attempt to prove that we "don't resolve enough, don't have enough dynamic range, the cameras overheat, whatever..." just doesn't stick. We are now nearing 4000 cameras sold. Most of the new orders are coming from inside the industry after they have thoroughly tested the camera... many against film, F23, etc.


    Phil wondered why I listen to him. I listen to everyone. Maybe that's my biggest problem. I'll work on that.


    I'm going to refrain from dispelling every half-truth, every false test, and let our camera speak for itself by its use in the industry. It is not film. And it certainly is not perfect. But it is being used.


    This camera is a labor of love for me. I didn't do it to get rich. I did it to add a useful tool to the industry and hopefully poke some life into the companies that were sitting back and leaking out features only when they had to. Being a labor of love, there is no question that I take this personally... up to now, too personally here.


    We are a garage operation, two years old. We will never be done in the quest to make our program better. It is better today than a month ago. Better still tomorrow...


    Let the trashing begin. This time... I'll smile. I think.


    My best,



  7. I tend to agree. I'd like to see Jannard and Nattress banned from posting here. It's abundantly clear that we are being used.


    Motion proposed. Do I have a second?




    I second the motion...



  8. I'm confused as according to IMDB Red was only used for effects shots can anyone confirm this? Because it is mighty interesting that Wanted is touted as a red film- after all never heard of star wars being called vistavision film etc etc...


    The RED homepage says "elements of Wanted shot on RED". Wanted was always to be a Panavision film shoot with pre-release beta RED ONEs there for testing by Mitch Amundsen. The REDs (with PV mounts) were used on several scenes, VFX and not. Jon Farhat is the VFX supervisor on Wanted and is preparing his next movie to be shot "all RED". Mitch now has REDs on GI Joe, including a custom crash housing.


    Some, like Soderbergh, are shooting "all RED". Some are shooting film and RED. In any event, RED seems to be a useful tool in the industry.



  9. I'm really thankful someone posting this topic!! !


    Last year I lurked at the reduser.net website, just like I've done here. When I finally did start posting on REDuser, really just commenting on observations of others, my posts mysteriously vanished!!! I also noticed some other users posts disappear during heated discussions.


    The official RED forum "REDuser" is really like Communist China. Any descenting remarks made by the citizenry, and poof! they change or disappear. Enough remarks and poof! You're gone.


    Interesting that Jim doesn't dispute that these things happen! So much for pride in the American way and free speech. I guess all that racket early on about an American made camera was just B.S. I shouldn't be surprised, the thing says right on it "product of Singapore" and the batteries made in Malta!


    Jim and his REDuser team, can dish it out but sure can't take your lumps like every other camera and film manufacturer when they are criticized. I guess there wasn't room on the Red bandwagon for Claudio Miranda when he commented that the F23 appeared to have more resolution than the supposed 4K Red. It's unfortunate that Claudio was pressured into taking down his web pages, hmmm... I wonder by whom? It certainly made for entertaining reading.


    Frankly I'm a little insulted that Jim comes here (and other websites like cinematography.net) and ask everyone to join the bandwagon. I've used the camera (most recent version) along with every other camera around, and was it worse than HDV? No. But I would say well bellow average for professional equipment. Every Panasonic camera has at least 2 stops more dynamic range. I would have felt ripped off if I was suckered in to spending that money.


    There's a lot of people who love Thrifty Ice Cream, that doesn't make it good Ice Cream. Congratulation are due to Red, the Thrifty Ice Cream of digital cine cameras. Just don't say that it feels cheap on REDuser or you'll end headless in a bamboo shack outside of Peaking!


    Pretty twisted. You have to be pretty disrespectful to get the boot from reduser. There are plenty that disagree with what we are doing and post everyday.


    I came here asking for feedback and advice. Never to "ask anyone to join the bandwagon".


    As for professional equipment, RED is shooting features. If you can't get good images out of it, maybe we can have someone show you what to do?


    There was never a representation that RED was American made. Singapore is a great place to make product. Ask Dell, Apple, Cisco, IBM, and HP to name a few.



  10. Jim, I think you made a mistake with that 18-50. It should be labeled 18-42. When I put other real 50mm primes on the camera, they all matched 50mm the field of view. But your zoom was much wider. Glad it was a rental, I would be asking for my money back.


    It matches perfectly with our Cooke. The specs are dead on. Sorry.



  11. There are at least 10 reasons why NOT to get near a RED camera.


    1. Phil Rhodes says that it is grotesquely incompetent.

    2. Phil is certain that the 4K resolution is really less than 2K.

    3. Max agrees with everything Phil says.

    4. Dynamic range is really only 6 stops according to someone.

    5. The sensor is not better than a cell phone... according to Phil.

    6. The UI is on the back. Can't shoot backed up to a wall.

    7. The skew of any CMOS just isn't acceptable.

    8. PJ, SS, DD, MA, SB, and 800 others have no fu$king clue what they are doing.

    9. The RED 18-50mm zoom has got to be a re-housed Sigma.

    10. Lab tests have shown that the RED ONE is associated with leprosy.


    Oh, I forgot. 11. You hate RED's marketing.


    I know the list should be much longer. If you believe any of these to be true or relevant, you should absolutely stay away from RED at all costs.



  12. Great quote. hahaha.  


    Glad to see you checking up on community RED feedback.  And sorry to have such a "bashy" post.  I hope to see RED turn into something cool eventually.  But for the record... "it's not film, it's video". :P


    Then shoot film if that's the look you need. No problem here.



  13. I guess I'm no enough of a computer nerd.;) Let me see if this is right. So the RED currently does system checks that don't really need to be done every single time?


    I wonder if they could make it optional like you suggest. You could do it in the morning and then have faster reboots the rest of the day.


    Or you can certainly choose to wait to try RED when we are done. There are plenty of good options in the meantime.


    We are working on refining the system. Not done. Jump in if you can find a good reason to shoot RED or wait if you can't. Life is pretty easy to understand.



  14. I should have said half of all the posts in the High Definition Video forums of c.com... my bad.


    The reference to "not here" was about the enthusiasm, not the "Highest level or indies".


    This stuff is what is wearing me out.



  15. Jeff is a very smart and very nice guy. He has a lot of great ideas and truly was an inspiration for the RED Project. I don't think Jeff should ever "officially" stop his camera project. It is there when the sensors he wants become available. I'm sure his vision has progressed right along with the changes in the industry. Most likely his ideas are still ahead of what the rest of us are thinking.



  16. "The Red camera is extraordinary. The Redvolution marks the tipping point

    of the democratization of filmmaking." Dean Devlin


    BTW, Dean's new series "Leverage", starring Timothy Hutton, will be shot all RED.



  17. That's also assuming you consider the Red forums to be "thriving". Personally I consider them to be a toxic wasteground of sycophantism and disinformation.




    Sounds like we are just having too much fun over there...


    The idea behind RED was to put a professional tool in the hands of many. To empower the indie shooter and next generation film maker.


    Quite frankly, it was a bit of a surprise that real trained professionals, like Peter Jackson, Steven Soderbergh, Taylor and Neveldine, Roberto Schaefer, Dean Devlin and a growing list of talented pros, would embrace and find value in RED as they have.


    It is very interesting that this enthusiasm at the highest level is also found at the indie level... but not here. Also interesting to note is that almost half of every post on this site is about RED. As much as Phil and a few others would like to discredit RED as "grotesquely incompetent", that message doesn't seem to be sticking, no matter how hard a few try.



  18. Only some of Jumper was shot on RED... but then again, RED was only a prototype when Jumper was filmed.


    You can find reasons to use RED or to discredit it. But you will have a hard time going forward denying that RED is being used more and more on feature films. "The Informant", a Steven Sodergergh film starring Matt Damon, will be shot "all RED". As was "Game". RED is being used on "G.I. Joe" and exclusively on a Dean Devlin made for TV movie. The list is growing rapidly.



  19. Hi Jim,


    I understand that DR is changed little since Claudia's test. He had to repeat his first test with another camera due to 'issues'


    Are you saying that a Red with Build 14 beta will now beat an F23? I understand that Build 15 beta is not yet available.




    We'll leave competitive testing to others. Build 15 is a big improvement on many image quality fronts. Just want to make sure posts reflect all the info, not just selected sound-bites to support a position.


    We are in development... always will be.



  20. Claudio Miranda's tests clearly showed that the F23 has more latitude than the Red.


    I agree with Evangelos, resolution is just one part of the equation, color and dynamic range are much more important.


    And Claudio's test was with an old build with issues, which you forgot to mention. You seem to be selective in the facts you choose to post.



  21. > Why would there be GAIN if you are shooting RAW?


    Because you're not actually shooting raw - you're shooting raw for a certain value of raw that only exists in Jim's imagination, which means "extremely compressed." You would have thought the best place to do gain would be before compression, but apparently certain laws of mathematics also exist only in Jim's imagination...


    This is where all these little cheats come home to roost, and you end up thinking "so how can they... but... ah."




    Phil... you certainly have chosen to make this personal. I have to congratulate you for having so much influence over so many. Is it really my imagination?



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