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  1. thanks, sam...great advice. and that blower looks really useful for the purpose....
  2. hi all, i'm shooting a spot where we need to create a cloud of cheetos dust...idea is that a group of guys watch tv, eating cheetos. and they make a mess. scene ends with a huge cloud of cheeto dust that fills room and falls to ground. been trying to figure out ways to best make this happen...and have been thinking of obvious so far: grounding up A LOT of cheetos and renting a couple big fans and blowing into room. but not sure if this is the best strategy...or maybe dumping from above with fans blowing? does anybody have any experience and suggestions? it would be greatly appreciated. best. goro
  3. hi all, wanted to solicit any advice on this dilemma... from dec-feb, i shot a documentary for an established prod. company. the contract stipulated that i'd be paid in thirds. but, i deferred my first payment until 2015, because of tax reasons. after two months of shooting (and paying for expenses out of pocket--including a fair amount of travel), the project got shelved... i sent invoice for the two months, charging for service/expenses...and now, i haven't heard back after multiple emails. has anybody else experienced this? what have you done in this situation? i'd prefer not to get lawyers involved...but, it seems like that might be the next logical step. thanks for any advice.
  4. thanks for the helpful suggestions, stuart and albion...i'll make sure to strap and secure as much as possible. best.
  5. hi all, i'm planning on shooting some city b-roll with rig on top of car, shooting with 5D. i've done plenty of street driving...but this time, i'm hoping to get some freeway shots. should i be concerned about having rig set up and drivining around 50 MPH? thanks for any expertise.... goro
  6. thanks so much john...very helpful.
  7. thanks john...i'm looking for downtown skyline shots. thanks for the bridge suggestion...do i need to know anything more specific about the bridge, in terms of location? or is it pretty obvious once i'm there, at the bridge?--not familiar with that location. thanks again.
  8. hi all, i'm looking to get some b-roll of downtown LA...i'm assuming somewhere in elysian area would be good. does anybody have any specific places that are good? thanks so much for your help. gt
  9. thanks phil...i do have the lockport to minimize strain on the hdmi. but i'm still having issues. i've heard from several people that this is just a quirk of the camera. so far, i've always been able to get camera/monitor back to working order after shut-down. but it's a lot of trial/error.
  10. hi all, i'm using mark iii with external monitor (ikan D5) and am having issuess. basically, it's very wonky. usually, everything will work fine upon starting up intially. but if monitor turns off, and i turn monitor back on, i get no image...or if i go into menu, when i come back out, there is no image--somehow it loses HDMI connection. and then, i have to go through whole rigamarole to get image back--turn off monitor/camera, unplug hdmi, turn monitor/camera on, then plug in HDMI--and then i'll get image. but sometimes that won't work...so i'll have to do all that, take out batt, and then start up again. is this a 5D issue? or is it just my camera/hdmi connection? thanks. goro
  11. thanks adrian...the film is basically about food and LA. and the stretch of pico from central LA to the westside is a good example of the diversity of LA as seen through the different food options. so basically, we're doing daytime shooting and are trying to show the storefronts. i'm thinking about rigging car, doing one long take, and perhaps in post ask editor to use twixor to highlight certain areas...but i'd love to figure out other interesting options.
  12. thanks paul....i think i know what you're talking about...but what's the name of the film?
  13. hi all, i'm planning on shooting some driving shots of Pico Blvd--b-roll for a documentary in which LA (and Pico blvd, in particular) is a 'character'. i'd like to do something interesting, outside of the basic driving b-roll shot. can anybody think of any examples for other movies where a driving b-roll shot was done in an interesting way? thanks for any suggestions. goro
  14. thanks paul...that's great advice. just checked out that function...and it looks like it should help.
  15. hi all, this may be more of a grip topic... but i'm shooting a CU of iphone outdoors, 4-7 pm. does anybody have experience on best way to shoot this/advice.... flags/any special tricks (i.e. maybe spray for phone to avoid glare) / etc? thanks very much. goro
  16. thanks for all the responses... i'll try some DFN tests and see how it looks...if bad, i'll probably try to do some sort of campfire set up.
  17. i'm hoping to shoot a scene with kids hanging out/sleeping under bridge during night time (using panansonic HD camera-170). there is basically no electricity in this location... how would you go about trying to light this? is there a battery operated light you would use? thanks for all suggestions.
  18. thanks for all the replies...i appreciate it. brian, what exactly is an 'unceremonious light'...and where do you think the light is placed? thanks a lot.
  19. oppps....wrong link...yeah, that int. set up is pretty boring. if you click on link, but look to the right of the video screen, you will see a bunch of other clip stills. some have a studio lit blue background...these are actually what i am asking about. (sorry i can't seem to get the link for these videos). thanks.
  20. do you think it's blue backdrop with kicker coming up from down below? or is it some sort of blue screen with kicker lighting from behind the screen? thanks for any suggestions... http://link.aetv.com/services/link/bcpid14.../bctid145260273 goro
  21. hi all, i'm shooting a doc. on the sony z1 camera... i'm using the black pro mist filter on a lot of the shooting. i know that i should be careful on wide shots outdoors. but, i was wondering if there are any other issues i should be concerned about, especially considering that there is a strong possiblity of blowing up final project to film. should i be concerned that black speckles may show up once blown up? do you guys reccommend that i use filter very judiciously? or is it fairly safe to use in most situations? thanks a lot in advance for any advice. goro
  22. hi all, does anybody have any thoughts about shooting in all scan vs. not all scan mode (in the Z1)? from what i've read, it seems like a safer bet to shoot in all scan all the time. this way the composition of the final product will be closer to that which you see in the LCD screen. if not, it seems like the lcd screen is showing a very conservative/narrower shot than what is actually being recorded. and once you screen on tv, you'll end up w. extraneous stuff on sides of screen that you did not think you were recording. or am i wrong about this? thanks in advance for any ideas. goro
  23. thanks a lot for all the advice... i appreciate it. goro
  24. where did you read that diary? has david written any other books about cinematography? thanks. goro
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