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  1. Hi there, I will be shooting a short film in the Yorkshire countryside in late may. It will be a getting of age film in which a 7 year old girl will be the protagonist. To stay true to the story I imagened a warm and subtle overall look to the film. There will be lots of exterior shots, and i was thinking of using a #1 coral filter in combination with a polarizer. I am not to experienced with the usage of filters, so my question would be if a coral filter is a good filter to warm up a scene, and would it work in combination with a polarizer?? Any help on that topic is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot, Rob
  2. hi evean, i have a spare roll of 500 t expression. not sure if that is what you are looking for. if yes, i would like to swap. i am currently located in leeds. let me know if you are interested. cheers, rob
  3. Cheers David, I will probably go with the 200 T. Just talked to Kodak, and it looks like I can score some free stock. They were more coming towards me, beieng a poor student and all. I talked to some other people about the stocks, and they seem to be quite simmilar. Maybe as a pro you will be able to get more out of ech particular stock, as for me, I will go with the more (free) available stock. Thanks
  4. Hi there, I will be shooting a short next week. Our location is an old victorian theatre. We will be shooting low key lighting. Not 100 % sure about the setup yet. Will prob. use spotlights from above, and a follow spot. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone can tell me wether the new Eterna 250 T or the Vision2 200 T is a 'nicer' film in low light. I heard Fuji is more contrasty than Kodak? I was also wondering about the grain structure of both films. Will the Kodak stock be less grainy? Maybe someone who used both stocks could give me some feedback on them. Thanks a lot. Rob
  5. Hi, You should check out the Maine Workshop, I heard it's real good. There are also several master classes at the NFTS in London.
  6. I will be shooting on Super 16. The commercial is sponsored by Kodak, so I have to use their film stock. Thanks a lot guys, all your tips were very helpfull. Cheers, Rob
  7. What do you think about adding a pro mist filter, or a low contrast filter to the sof light? Thanks, Rob
  8. Hi, I'am going to shoot a Dove commercial as part of a student competition. I want to have a very soft and bright look to it. I was thinking of using a low contrast stock and ad a full pro mist or a low contrast filter. I am not to shure though if I would be better of using a low contrast or a pro mist filter, or both together? Maybe someone also could give me a suggestion for the film stock. I was thinking of using the vision 2 250 D. Since we are shooting inside i would have to go down to 64 ASA though. there might be a better film stock!?! I don't want to use the 100 T because I think it might be to sharp and contrasty. Maybe you can help me ought on that. Thanks
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