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  1. Hi, I recently finished a project with my Eclair ACL and was thinking about selling it. I was wondering if there is a market for selling 16mm cameras in this day and age with so much new stuff happening with digital? I'm thinking about getting it serviced by Optical Electro (Eclair specialists) for the sale so it will be up to factory spec. It is a heavily modified Eclair ACL 1. Several years back Optical Electro added a variable speed motor (18, 24, 36, and 50fps), the mag interface has been rework to improve upon the original, and they reinforced the handle so it's very solid. Apparently, these were short comings on the original model. The camera is solid and I've got good use out of it. So, if I do get it service and it runs great, do you guys think I could sell it on Ebay for a reasonable price? Or is the 16mm market on the out? Thanks
  2. Any one here film with the Gh1 yet? I heard the rolling shutter problem isn't too bad with this camera, but wanted to hear from someone who has actually worked with it. I'm going to use it primarily for video. I've been editing a bunch of footage shot with the Canon 5D and the rolling shutter on it is HORRIBLE. IMO, because of this problem, I would not buy it. But the GH1 seems more promising.
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. Here's a link to the 16mm stuff I already shot in Peru, South America. The surfing is towards the middle of the clip. http://www.builtbyugene.com/mov_peru/peru1.html Most of the portraits and landscapes were shot with 64D and the surfing was shot with 250D. The reason why I posted my original question was the the surfing stuff was way-OVEREXPOSED (I fixed it in Telecine and After Effects). I'm new to motion picture film, so I have some learning to do. The problem was made worse because I didn't have a spot meter, only incident meter. I have since got a spot meter and will return to Peru to shoot some more. Question for Jason Reimer. Do you shoot surfing with a Polarizer? The reason why 250D was chosen initially was because I thought the Pola would cut it down 2 stops so I'd have more flexability with 250D; and I've heard that it's ideal to shoot between an f11 and f16 for surfing. Any truth to that? In hindsight, if I had used 64D with the Pola, my surfing shots might have came out better. But I just wanted to see what others had to say.
  4. Hi, I was wondering what your opinions are for filming Surfing? Would you guys use 64D or 250D? Keep in mind that I'm shooting with a Polarizer for the ocean and a big depth of field is needed because the surfers are very far out in the water.
  5. If worse comes to worse, call these guys Optical Electro in Los Angeles -- 310.204.6577 They specialize in Eclairs and their reputation is bulletproof and George the owner is the coolest guy ever.
  6. Hi, I'm getting a 100 to 300mm Canon Zoom FD (35mm still lens) which I'm attaching to an Eclair ACL reg16mm. The problem is, I'm getting it at the last minute before I leave to Peru for one month to film a surf movie. I'm will get the Canon lens colimnated at Optical Electro (very reliable) and I order it from BHPhoto who says the lens is in Excellent + condition. Normally, I would shot some film to make sure the lens works before I take it on a month long filming expedition, but I don't think I have the time since it's the last minute. Would you guys bring an un-film test lens on a trip, even if the lens is in excellent condition and been properly colimated? Or is it too risky? I have a 75-210mm Canon FD zoom which we were going to use originally, but it didn't quite zoom far enough to reach the surfers. Should I be safe and stick with the tested lens? In my situation, is it un-safe to bring an untested lens, especially since it's a 35mm to 16mm adaptation?? Thanks for any advice.
  7. Thanks for the reply Ian. I'm actually using it for Surfing shots so I needed something with a lot of zoom. The problem is, is that it still seems not quite long enough as the the surfers are wayyyy out there, and that's why I was wondering what the zoom is compared to 35mm because surf photographers recommend a 600mm zoom on a 35mm still camera
  8. Hello, I have 2 questions I've adapted a 35mm Canon FD still zoom lens (75mm to 210mm), to an Eclair ACL Regular 16. It looks great so far, but I haven't got the film test back yet. Question 1) What is the equivilant zoom length in 16mm of the Canon FD 210mm zoom? Someone told me that a 35mm still lens adapted to a 16mm Motion picture camera is 3 to 1, so I'm getting a 630mm zoom (210mm x 3) on my ACL. Is this the correct math? Question 2) a 630mm zoom on a 16mm camera, is the equal to what zoom length on a 35mm camera?? Would that be around 1300mm since 35mm is more than 2x as big as 16mm??? Thanks for any help
  9. It does get worse when I stop down, especially at T22 the vignette is very pronounced. As yes, it does Vignette the worse from 16 to 24mm. At the widest (10mm), it's not too bad. Also, it's mounted onto the ACL using a Arri-S adapter. Does this make a difference? It's a very nice adapter made by Optical Electro and they're definitely pro, so I'm not sure what's going on We did a film test, but unfortunately it's Memorial Day weekend, so I have to hold my breath an extra day. Thanks for the responses!
  10. I have a Zeiss Zoom 10-100mm T3 (the older one with the 75mm top) mounted to an Eclair ACL regular 16mm. The lens has a lot of vignetting, even WITHOUT any accesorries (matte box, sunshade, circular filter, etc..), the vignetting cuts into the 4/3 TV Safe marks I'm not sure if we're just imagining things, but before I had it colimated, my friend and I didn't notice the vignetting. It was professionally colimated by Optical Electro, so I know the colimation was done right. Also, the lens tends to breath as the vignetting happens mainly in the 25 to 50mm range and not at the widest (10mm). Does this mean there is something wrong with the lens?? Can vignetting be caused by colimation? Also, does this particular Zeiss lens have a tendency to Vignette? Does anyone have any solutions? Thanks in advance
  11. I have a Zeiss Zoom 10-100mm T3 which we are using for some documentary, run and gun style shooting. The problem is, the lens does NOT have threads to put on lens style filters, and we need to use a Polarizer as we're shooting lots of oceans and landscapes. It came with an old school adapter that basically clips on around the lens area, but it only allows 3x3 filters and does NOT have a ring for a Polarizer. I know we can use a Matte Box style set-up, but we need something really light and mobile as we're running around in the middle of nowhere for one month, and the Matte Box option is a little pricey at this point. Can you guys think of anything that will adapt to my Zeiss zoom (or how to rig some thing together) that will basically clip on or screw on around the end of the lens barrel that has an adapter ring that will allow me to use lens style filters? Thanks
  12. I'm going to Peru for a month a will be shooting quite a bit of 16mm. I was hoping to every week or so, ship the shot rolls back to Los Angeles to be processed, probabaly at Photokem. This seems like an easier and safer option that carrying all my shot film for the entire time I'm there. What carrier should I use (FedEx, UPS, etc...)? Can you guys give me some advice and insight? I'm just worried about the dreaded X-Rays from the couriers. Is there an international courier service that works well with film? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, Aside from the Angenieux 12 to 240, do any other manufactures make a zoom lens with a range greater than 150mm (preferably around 200mm)? And also preferably a bit smaller in size (physically) than the Angenieux 12-240mm since I'm going to be in the countryside of Peru shooting surfing and would like to avoid using rods and large baseplate. From my research so far, it seems that Angeniuex is the only company that makes a zoom with range. But maybe I'm wrong. Thanks
  14. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever used the ANGENIEUX-12-240mm-ZOOM-LENS-in-ARRI-Mount? It's going to be on an Arri-S I need a lot of zoom to shoot surfing shot for a project. The surfer are up to 250 meters away. Would this be a good choice? What is a comparable lense to Angenieux 12-240 that you guys would recommend? Also, would a lense of this size need extra support (Rods / tripod collar) on an Arri-S? Or can I just mount the lense on the camera without extra support? here's the link to the lense: http://cgi.ebay.com/ANGENIEUX-12-240mm-ZOO...1QQcmdZViewItem Thanks in advance
  15. Hi, We're going to Peru and we're going to shoot some surfing for a project we're working on. We hopefully will be using an Arri-S. I was wondering if you guys could recommend a good length 16mm zoom for shooting surfing. The people can be really far from shore (sometimes up to 300 meters or so). What would be a good lense (that's not crazy expensive as we're not rich) for this? Are there any tricks for adapting still 35mm lenses to an Arri-S? I've read that it's not possible with Canon still lenses, but is it possible with any other company (Nikon for instance, or any 35mm still lense)???? Thanks in advance
  16. Hi, I was wondering if you could attach a Canon 35mm still camera lense to an Arri S using an adapter, much in the same way you could use the common C-Mount to Canon adapter to attach it to C-Mount based movie cameras?? I just wondering because I've had good results usings a still Canon FD Zoom 35mm lense attached to my super 8mm using a c-mount adapter. Thanks
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