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  1. One of the most stunning movies I have seen in a long time. The scenes with the train in the begining, and the scene with the man by the door with the bike, and in the old church with the candle light...oh my goodness I could hardly breath. In particular the train robbery at the begining. It was just beautiful, start to finish. Or so I think.


    As far as the actualy story goes, I thought it was wonderful. I was very impressed with Afflack, by far his strongest performance I've seen yet, even better then Gone Baby Gone (which was also well done by him). It was long and slow paced, but it never onced bothered me. It perfectly captured the era, the locations, and the feelings of trust and betrayal and how you come to terms with both.


    Roger Deakins rocks. Plain and simple.

  2. Thank you all SO much for your imput. It's great hearing whats worthwile from people who know as opposed to a school advisior. Speaking of which, has anyone heard about or attended Lorenzo de Medici in Tuscanina? My academic advisior recomended it saying it has a more hands on film program, but again, I'd rether hear it from someone who actualy knows.


    Youre talking about AFTRS or the Australian Film Television And Radio School. I'm a currently enrolled MA student in Cinematography. Yes, Andrew Lesnie and Dion Beebe are alumni. They take 4 MA cinematography students per year. Yes we shoot lot's and lot's of film (and electronic).

    The main problem is that it is a federally funded program. It's essentially costs nothing to attend if you're selected. But, you have to be an Australian citizen, or have permanent residency in Australia. They are about to change the program and open it up to paid attendees which will be a great shame.


    So, no chance unless I move there for grad school probably?

  3. Hello fellow filmmakers,

    I was wondering if anyone out there could give me some advice about film schools outside the US. I am about to begin my Jr. year in Montana State University's film department. While I am happy here, I am very much interested in doing a semester to a year abroad while I'm still in school and can have student loans pay for travel expenses. The only problem is finding a school that?s the right fit. Most schools I find offer only film studies and film theory. And there is nothing wrong with theory, but I need to be behind a camera or I will go crazy. So, my question is, where in the world can I shoot something on film?


    ~ AP Hartman

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