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  1. I looked at Full Sail before I went to college. I decided to go to school at Savannah College of Art and Design. It's four years here with a bachelors degree. I think Full Sail is 2 years.


    Make sure you go where you can enjoy living.


    Yeah I was talking to full sail earlier this year about their program. The counselor I spoke to said it is a 2 year plan and you wind up with the equivalent of a 4 year degree (a BA in science I believe). Since it is such an intense 2 years they treat it like a full time job which means their is no time to get a job while attending you are in class over 40 hrs a week already. but they are a great school from what i hear with connections to big film studios.


    Hope that helps

  2. hey mike,


    i'm no expert by any means, but i enjoyed these shots.


    (not to mention the girl in the red dress made my jaw hit the floor!)


    keep up the good work


    edit - it only took about a minute, maybe two minutes to load on my computer.


    Hey Mike Great reel. I really liked the black and white.

    BTW it started right off the bat for me no loading.

  3. My favorite is the lowest tech of all: Take a 35mm slide frame and put a mask in it with a cutout the same size (actual size, not just aspect ratio) as your format sensor. Attach a string to the slide frame and tie a knot in it every centimeter.


    How do you use this thingy? Well, you hold the slide up and frame up the shot you want. Then you use the string to measure the distance the frame was from your eye. That distance will be the focal length of your lens.


    It's cheap and fits in your pocket.


    That is a pretty sweet idea. i am going to have to try that sometime.

  4. I am going to be renting the P+S mini35 adaptor for either the HVX or the H1. I called up my local gear rental to find out more about what they had. Thay said they have the adapter and they have a set of Zeiss primes T.3 super speeds, but not Nikons. I have not worked with Zeiss primes any tips on if they are better than Nikons. If you know a good comparison bettween the two let me hear it please.

  5. I use Celtx and really like it, I would recommend trying it out before you shell out for a more expensive solution. If it meets your needs, why spend the cash, if it doesn't you haven't lost anything.



    I agree I use celtx and i am overly impressed for being opensource.

  6. I liked the visual mood and the first half of the movie, and Paul Giamatti, but it was one of those stories that asked you to swallow more and more bizarre developments, and once that giant eagle creature swooped in, I had enough -- I thought it had gotten rather silly.


    And I'm someone who likes fantasy films, but I don't think the director managed to set this one up in a way for the audience to buy the more extreme elements.


    I can agree with that. The promotion of the film (trailers etc..) didn't realy prepare you for giant eagles and random ape men. I guess I do a lot more research on films before I see them and I figured he called it a Bedtime story and those get a little wierd. So I was ok with the bizzarreness.

  7. Here is my question/opinion. I know there was a ton of debate when M. Night released his bedtime story film "Lady in the Water." It seems everywhere I go I get strange looks when I say I liked the film. Am I missing something here. I can only find a few people who actually share my liking of it.


    What did you think of it and why?


    I have to say it is one of my favs I like M. Night and his work. Interested to hear your opinion.

  8. I am sure most of you saw the thread for the Similo project done by Macgregor. This is one of the stills from the thread.



    I do not know if the splash of light across the screen is done on sight with a light or not. My question is how to do this in post on FCP or Motion and make it look nice.



  9. Hey everyone just got this video online It is a film I did for myself and also to promote my Parents organization


    Israel Palestine Promo


    A little info on the video. Of course it was all shot on location in Israel. It was one of those national geographic type shoots just myself and my partner Jake. we used the Canon XL2 so the quality is not HD and is a little grainy added matte 2.35 in post which was on FCP studio 2.


    Just let me know what you think it is nothing fancy but would love some honest feedback.


    Thank a lot.

  10. Thought it was pretty good. the darkness is very "art house" the only thing personally I didn't like is the length even hollywood keeps their trailers pretty short. It is supposed to make the viewer sit back and say "man I want to see more of that." Not "Ugh when will this be over." You know what I mean.


    all the best

  11. The Dalsa Origin predates the RED ONE by a few years. It is fairly large and bulky, and has an optical viewfinder like an Arri D20 does.


    It sends out 16-bit uncompressed 4K Bayer-filtered RAW, as opposed to RED's 12-bit 4K Bayer-filtered RAW that uses the REDCODE compression. Because of this, the Dalsa generally uses large-capacity data recorders like the Codex. The Dalsa has a CCD sensor instead of RED's CMOS sensor.


    The image quality of the Dalsa is quite good.


    Thanks David. Which one would you recomend?

  12. I am researching for a short in which the inside of a bank explodes. So far I have not been able to find a bank that will let me blow it up ;) . So Here is where I need help I can create the after math of an explosion with smoke machines and debris but the explosion itself I don't know. I could imply an explosion flash of light sound effects etc. Any Ideas?


    P.s. I refuse to use CG explosions. In my opinion they are crap. Thanks

  13. Personally I would take a hard look at the Letus Extreme adapter. not sure if you are renting or buying, but the Extreme only loses 1/2 stop, flips the image for you, and delivers razor sharp images with nice bokeh. Plus it costs $1500.


    As far as lenses go, I prefer Nikons. I have a set of 6 primes and am happy with them. I've heard that Zeiss lenses are pretty nice, but the cost to performance ratio is just not there for me. I'd stay away from some of the no name lenses like Kogaku and a few others.


    Remember to get the fastest lenses you can as these adapters tend to lose a lot of light.


    Thanks a lot I will look into the letus it is cheaper and that is always a plus on my list. I haven't used Nikons before but hear they are realy great. Thanks for the advice. It is what i was looking for.

  14. Alright guys/ gals been looking at the P+S Mini35 adapter for the HVX. My question is those of you who have used this what lenses do you recomend to go along with it to get the best look. Any Ideas? Thanks

  15. I'm sure we are going to see video from total garbage to extraordinary with the Red just as we see with any other camera.


    I agree we can speculate all we want about the video but with out knowing exactly what they used we just can't say why it was good or bad. I think (from looking at footage on reduser) that this is not an "on the fly" camera. you have to set it up and take the time to light it well to get good quality. This video had a mix of both. and it also suffered from the restraints of digital video that is going to happen. After all it is a digital camera. Which is what red promised, a super amazing digital cinema quality camera it will never mount up to the romantic look of 35mm film.


    I think it all has to do with who is behind the camera.

  16. I am filming some interviews with the HVX I have used it before but am not great by any means. The subjects will have good lighting and will be against a black backdrop with a little color splashed on. Any suggestions on camera settings from past examples. Some sample images would be nice. Thanks

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