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    AC work, G&E, cinematography in general, RC cars (my MERV will beat your MERV), magic, certain Apple products, GameGear, SNES, sometimes still photography

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  1. Virtually everything you need to start lighting projects professionally without a truck. The only thing you might want to pick up is some c-stands. I slowly built this up over the years, it's configured to be compact, quite economical, reliable and well organized so no equipment is lost during a shoot. Entire grip & lighting package has been optimized to fit comfortably in a 4-door sedan car. Only looking for local pick up in the Chicago area. Asking $6,000 (cash or cryptocurrency/Bitcoin) OBO CART 1 x Rock'n'Roller Multi-Cart R10RT "Max" 1 x Custom built shelf for Rock N Roller*R6RT Multi-Cart 2 x Bungee cords (keeps crates on cart nicely) 1 x Heavy duty Arri rolling hard case 1 x Film tools Gaffer's glass (brand new, still has tag on it) FIXTURES 1 x 1,000w Arrilite open face light 1 x 1000w bulb 1 x 4-leaf barn doors 1 x single scrim 1 x double scrim 1 x filter holder 2 x 650w Arri fresnel light 2 x 650w bulbs 2 x 4-leaf barn doors 2 x single scrims 2 x double scrims 1 x filter holder 1 x 300w Arri fresnel light 1 x 300w bulb 1 x 4-leaf barn doors 1 x single scrim 1 x double scrim 1 x filter holder 2 x 150w Arri fresnels light 2 x 150w bulbs 2 x 4-leaf barn doors 2 x single scrims 2 x double scrims 2 x filter holders 1 x Dimmable 3200k-5600k LED camera light 1 x 24” x 32" Small Chimera 1 x Small Chimera speed ring for Arrilite 1k 1 x heavy duty rolling Arri case 1 x Arri included paper work SPARE BULBS (never used) 1 x Bulb for 1,000w Arrilite open face light 2 x Bulbs for Arri 650w fresnel 1 x Bulb for Arri 300w fresnel 1 x Bulbs for Arri 150w fresnel ELECTRIC CRATE 1 x Commercial grade milk crate (square) 2 x 25' 12/3 SJO stingers (15A commercial grade extension cords) 2 x 50' 12/3 SJO stingers (15A commercial grade extension cords) 1 x 50’ 12/3 SJO extra heavy duty stinger (15A-16A commercial grade extension cord, plug is rated for 15A but the cord is much more heavy duty than the other extension cords included, I used it for running a 2,000w light) 1 x 1k dimmer 1 x 300w dimmer 3 x Cube taps 3 x Ground lifters (3 to 2 prong adapter) 1 x pig nose (e26 male to standard female 120v NEMA5 outlet) GRIP CRATE 1 x Commercial grade milk crate (square) 2 x 25lb Matthews sand bags (pre-filled with sand) 2 x 5lb “sock bags” (sand bags made from tube socks, similar in form to Matthews boa bags :) ) 3 x Grip / heads (brand new) 1 x 20" extension c-arm 1 x 3” Cardellini / Matthellini 1 x Mayfer clamp w/wedge & baby pin 1 x Scissor clip w/5/8" baby pin (for mounting fixtures to a drop ceilling) 2 x Baby plates, one of them is attach to 2x4 lumber (great for mounting fixtures very low to the ground or rigging larger fixtures to drop ceiling) 2 x Safety chains 2 x #2 grip clips 4 x #1 grip clips 1 x bag of C-47s (clothes pins for clipping gels to barn doors of light fixtures) MISC CRATE 1 x Commercial grade milk crate (square) Pre-cut light-proof 3 mil heavy duty garbage bags (great for blocking out windows) Misc pre-cut Black wrap pieces, cookies, etc. Misc ropes/sash cord STANDS 1 x Custom built light stand bag with zipper and handles (fits all of the stands listed) 4 x AS-2 Arri 8.5ft light stands (⅝” baby pin) 1 x 10ʼ light stand (⅝” baby pin) FLAG KIT 1 x Custom built flag kit box - all flags fit into it and it has a handle for easy carrying 2 x 2’x3’ floppy solids (flops to 4’x3’, much more portable than a 4’x4’ floppy) 2 x Black foam core solids, can be used like flags 1 x 2'x3' Double Net (Matthews, excellent condition) 1 x 2'x3' Single Net (Matthews, excellent condition) 1 x 2'x3' frame of 216 diffusion 2 x Black Foam core cookies 1 x Silver/white bounce board 2 x White foam core bounce boards 1 x Extra large white foam core bounce board 1 x Mini white foam core bounce board (fits inside rolling Arri case)
  2. Up for sale: Large Harrison Film Changing Bag - $90 - very good condition, there are a couple tiny spots where you may notice the reflective coating has come off (<1mm). Large Harrison Standby Camera Cover - $75 - great condition, only used literally a couple days. Perfect for 3D rigs or a Panaflex w/1000' mag $150 if you buy both I have 100% feedback on the DVXuser.com marketplace and have been a member there for 10 years. More AC gear coming soon (lemo cables, panavision brackets, magliner brackets, etc - ask for details to save $$$ shipping multiple items at once) Large Harrison Film Changing Bag: Large Harrison Standby Camera Cover:
  3. I received a couple of those giant 5600k CFL bulbs recently for free and they are rated >90 CRI, so I thought maybe I could use this for some small setups where a little extra daylight fill is needed and I'm out of lights. Does anyone know what sort of fixture/reflector design would provide maximum light output for a 150w E27 fluorescent bulb? EDIT: I think this is what I’ve got: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Portable-Photo-5500K-150W-E27-Color-daylight-Video-Studio-Fluorescent-Bulb-Lamp-220V-240V-015558/1117010666.html?spm=2114.01020208.3.1.7MRtR5&ws_ab_test=201526_4,201527_3_71_72_73_74_75,201409_4
  4. Full Canon 7D cinema style camera package. Fast primes set, CUSTOM HDMI > component battery plate w/converter chip w/7.2v and 5v out simultaneously!, Zacuto gear, marshall monitor, RedRock v2 follow focus kit, loads of camera batteries, AC adapter, camera cage w/top handle, shoulder support, mattebox, filtration, much more-everything you need to make movies like a 35mm camera (except the film :P ) For info on most of the package: http://salil24.com/MISC_FILES/031611_hdslr_cam_package-salil.pdf Note: Items under "Additional monitor options" not part of package. Also, sticks & hi-hat aren't included though I am selling them for an additional price. The camera body, aks and lenses all fit in 2 well organized black storm cases (heavy duty cases that don't hurt your hands). Both cases are small enough to fit as carry-on luggage on an airplane (last time I checked). All of the prime lenses except the 24mm have had their apertures de-clicked so they operate like CINEMA LENSES. I still have the parts to re-click them. Lenses are in very good condition. I paid over $11,000 for all this but I'm asking only $7,600 (I need the $$ soon) for this well configured fully custom built package. E-mail offers to salil(at)salil24.com I'm in Burbank, CA feel free to contact me to stop by and see this rig in action, it's a beauty! Willing to ship but I would much rather deal locally. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hi John, What sort of quantity are we talking? 1 roll of 1" white gaff tape for $9?
  6. I moved to LA fairly recently (from Chicago) and I've been struggling to find decent work. All of this 5D non sense is getting to me. I do work as both a 1st and 2nd AC currently as well as 3D rig tech. Ready to travel the world. Being new to town, I'm not opposed to working as a loader or even a camera PA. Certified Element Technica 3D rig tech: http://www.technica3d.com/qualified-rig-techs/ Extensive AC kit equipped for film, digital cinema, HD and S3D productions: http://salil24.com/equipment.html Resume attached, you can also find it as well as bio and equipment info on my website: http://www.salil24.com Strong background in post-production work flows-I got my start in this business as an assistant editor. Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail or give me a call anytime if you need a reliable, meticulous hand. Best, Salil Sundresh Camera Assistant & 3D Rig Tech 630-849-7304 Los Angeles, CA www.Salil24.com (Resume/Bio/Equipment) Complete AC Kit for Film/Digital Cinema/HD Productions Certified Element Technica 3D Rig Technician HDSLR Cinema-Style Camera Package Owner Compact Grip & Lighting Packages
  7. I've got some p-touch 3/4" black on white and black on clear. Many of them brand new (unopened) or slightly used that I'm looking to trade for some G+E and camera expendables. If anyone might be interested please e-mail me at salil(at)salil24.com ! Replace (at) with @ Here's what I'm looking for: Black coroplast (20"x12" cuts or larger) 1" white gaffers tape 2" black matte paper tape 1" red paper tape Full CTB (some 2'x3' cuts or small roll) Quarter CTB (some 2'x3' cuts or small roll) Heat Shield gel (medium/small cuts or small roll) I'm also in the process of making some new t-marks so I'm looking for a little bit (about 15-25' of each color) of yellow, green, orange and pink 1" gaffers tape. Also could use a little sticky velcro. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up! Again, I'm in Burbank, CA. Salil(at)Salil24.com Replace (at) with @
  8. I'm looking to buy a used reasonably priced camera cart. If you have any leads, shoot me an e-mail: salil(at)salil24.com I'm in Burbank, CA. Thanks!
  9. Any plans for an iPhone one? Slightly over sized or stretchy to accomodate different & future models and cases/skins would be great. "Rip offs'" case is nice but it's noisy velcro which isn't ideal for a film set.
  10. Any thoughts on which is overall better? I'll be working in the LA area primarily. I'm looking for a senior sized cart and I like the idea of being able to remove the wheels for packing the cart into smaller vehicles if needed. Yaeger and Sons is out of my budget currently. Any thoughts or other cart suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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