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  1. Hi.

    I have an odd question. I'm making a front box with a section for holding Preston marking rings. I need to know the width of a Preston HU3 Marking Ring (the pre marked ones) so I know how wide to cut the slot.


    Does anybody in the world have one they wouldnt mind measuring for me. I would greatly appreciate it.




  2. Hi Guys.

    I'm testing the PL Mount on the Sony F55 (v2 firmware). I have changed the Lens Interface to 'Type C' and mounted a Cooke Mini S4/i (or Panchro).


    The Data appears on the monitor but it is using Metric Values.


    As nearly all PL lens have imperial distance marks this serves no purpose for me. I can't find a menu setting to change this.


    Does anyone know of a menu setting or a firmware update to change this?


    Many Thanks,


  3. Hello all,

    I've been wondering about the logistics involving water on set. How to prepare for it, working with it...


    Anyone got any suggestions regarding shooting with rain machines, near waterfalls, tanks, pools etc.



    Darren, 2nd AC

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Forgive the stupid question but what is meant when someone has put 'Dailies' on their CV.


    For example: Focus Puller, B Camera Dailies


    Many Thanks,



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