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  1. All I can say is: try to shoot outdoors as much as possible and you will 'not' hear the sound of your camera.

    Nizo camera's are quiet but still you need a boom to record your dialogue.

    My 24 minute movie Perception was recorded with a lot of dialogues and with the Nizo 4056 I could easily get 90 secs perfectly sync with the film.

    Only in your digital editing program you need to speed up or slow down your film a few procent.


    link to audio-sync film Perception : http://vimeo.com/36383697




  2. I'm assuming it's an SD transfer. I noticed on the vimeo page that the file was encoded MP4 and is only 100MB. You should easily be able to get a very high quality standard def full length version in 500MB. I would suggest using H.264 compression as it's a lot more efficient compression and will get you the best picture per data size.




    Hi Paul!

    My original (Mp4, 576x768) file was 420Mb and after 1 week Vimeo reduced the size to 100Mb. When I export from FCP to Mp4 the brightness stays as it was color corrected, but after exporting to H.264 the black-level goes up.

    What I noticed is that my HD videos on Vimeo keep their quality, even after 1 week. I will find a solution and re-upload the film!

  3. Would you consider retransferring your film to Vimeo using the highest quality setting, but simply doing the transfer in "chapters" or scenes?


    If 500 mb buys you 2 minutes at the highest quality setting, I would love to see that on vimeo. Each week adding 2 more minutes, or whatever the highest quality setting will grant you in run time.


    Another question. What does Vimeo cost per month to get unlimited uploads? Is it possible that what you spend sending out DVD's plus postage might cover the cost of a higher quality of transfer onto vimeo?


    The most important reason I chose Vimeo for distribution was that it is free and without any commercial pop-ups.

    My intention was to upload the movie in several languages. Which makes it impossible to work with 2 min. chapters for each language.

    Becoming a Vimeo Plus+ member was an option, but I do not want to pay an annual price to an online corporate firm.


    Allesandro, if you want to receive the DVD, just write me!

  4. wow looks great - i'd love to see a uncompressed version - if you'd be willing to upload it to a hosting website/torrent or something i'd love to see it in its original high-res glory!



    also - what sort of costs were you paying per-50ft in order to scan it at such high quality? and which company did it for you?


    great work, btw


    Thanks for your comments!


    You can send me your home address and I will personally send you a hi-res copy of the film on DVD incl. behind the scenes footage.

    This applies to all other interested filmmakers who read this as well.


    My e-mail: dimitri@polarisworks.com


    All scenes have been shot with the Canon 5D markII during rehearsals and will be on Vimeo next week.

    SuperSens in Amsterdam, the Netherlands scanned all film for me. When I film on Super8 (24 fps) I always count on 20 US$ per minute, this includes the cartridge, development and scanprocess.

    All raw footage was together 140 minutes of Super8. Making a 24 min film out of this amount of material does not happen very often.



  5. Colors were nice, image seemed soft all the way through. I did see a shot where the door in the background looked in focus and the actors in the foreground were not. Yet so many shots looked soft throughout. How did you do the transfer?


    The 24 min. movie had to be converted to 500Mb. This is the maximum you can upload each week on Vimeo (regular account). As you expect there is a tremendous quality loss making the picture look soft.

    It was originally an uncompressed 4:2:2 format. This post includes a still to show you the original.

    - -




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