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  1. No, sound is most important. Also, when you're shooting events it is advisable that you have at least 2 person (including you), but a 3 man crew is the best. The problems with rigs and lighting fixtures is that they're too finicky and it's one more thing that you have to carry around.


    For sound, I would get a recorder (tascam, or zoom) to record out of the soundboard. wireless mic are also important especially for weddings. I'm wishing to get into sound more somewhere in the future.


    I usually use tripod, monopod and handheld steadicam the most. One of my friend try to use a rig for a quince and he found it too finicky trying to switch to a slider.


    For lighting, you only need it if the reception lighting is too low. Small LED lights are really useful for events. Just know that shootings events is much much different than shooting a movie.

  2. Do you have enough money for a DSLR? You probably need about $350 for a used t2i and then spend a little bit more to get lenses but that would get you started. There are also a lot of youtube channels that teached you the basics and forums are always good. There are also plenty of books on cinematography.

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  3. I have subscribed to American Cinematographer magazines. It's great Even though they don't go into the specific. I was wondering if anyone subscribe to Society of Camera Operators magazine and how is it?

  4. If you had shown up on my set in Parry Sound Ontario you would of been hired in two seconds! There is a labour shortage of film crew workers in Ontario right now. I don't know how someone can't get hired.




    I would have thought that Canada would have lots of filmmakers considering the vancouver film school and all...

  5. Finally watching this show... Even though the quality is terrible on Netflix, is it me or does the show have focus problem? Seems like to me they're shooting with telephoto lens wide open as much as possible to get shallow depth of field. Combine that with moving subjects and it's a tough job for the first ac.

  6. You live in NY and you can't find jobs? that's weird, I would have thought there will be a lot of production happening there. Anyway, have you try Craiglist yet? I found my first job on set as a PA in Houston which doesn't have a lot of production but I'm thinking you should be able to find some job through there.

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