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  1. Check out my ebay listing http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=161284321094&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT



    At the pinnacle of the range is the ALEXA Studio, featuring a quiet, adjustable mirror shutter and an optical viewfinder that provides a real-time, high contrast image with true colors. The Studio is a direct response to cinematographers' requests for a camera that perfectly combines cutting edge digital image-making with traditional elements of the film cameras they have known and trusted for generations.

    Another key feature of the ALEXA Studio is its 4:3 sensor, which makes it the only digital camera (aside from the ARRIFLEX D-21) to boast true anamorphic capability. Anamorphic lenses create a unique, cinematic look that has been appreciated by directors and cinematographers for over half a century, and cannot be created in post.

    Maximum frame rates for the Alexa Studio.

    120 fps 16X9 Aspect Ratio 1920x1080 HD, recorded in camera SxS @ ProRes 4.2.2 HQ or lower
    60 fps 16x9 Aspect Ratio 2K, recorded in camera SxS @ ProRes or lower
    48 fps 4:3 Aspect Ratio 2K, recorded in camera SxS @ ProRes or lower

    When recording to an External Recorder, such as a Codex, Gemini or other compatible recorder the following maximum frame rates apply.
    60 fps 16x9 Aspect Ratio Arri Raw or 1920x1080 HD
    48 fps 4:3 Aspect Ratio Arri Raw only.

    In all cases, in order to shoot frame rates above 60 fps the Mirror Shutter must be turned off.

    This a preliminary listing. More photos will be added as they become available. The camera has only a few minutes if not hours on it.

    Only the parts list below is what comes with it. Plus a ATA shipping case.


    Package Includes:

    • Alexa Studio Camera
    • Universal Optical Viewfinder OVF-1
    • Balance Plates: Top and Bottom
    • Low Bridge Lens Support
    • Support Rods: Long and Short
    • Matte Box, Hard Matte Set, Eyebrow
    • Studio Follow Focus
    • Shoulder Pad
    • Power Cables
    • Battery Adapter Plate (IDX or Anton Bauer)
    •(2) Sony SxS Memory Card: 64gb

    The follow focus is Arri FF 3 and the matte box an Arri 6.6 in X 6.6 in. High speed license.


    Payment Terms : Wire Transfer Only

  2. Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm Zoom Lens & ATA Case $49995.00

    View Pictures and eBay ad here

    The Optimo 17-80 features a new optical design that eliminates breathing and ramping, and offers superior levels of optical performance across its entire zoom range.
    This lens produces impressive contrast and color reproduction that rivals the highest performing prime lenses.


    • An extremely fast aperture speed of T2.2
    • Impressive contrast and color reproduction
    • A superior level of optical performance accross the entire range
    • No ramping, no breathing
    • 329° focus rotation with over 25 witness marks
    • Available in PL mount

    • Focal Length: 17-80mm
    • Zoom Range: 4.7x
    • Geometric Aperture: f2
    • Photometric Aperture: T2.2
    • Minimum Object Distance: 1'9" (.6m)
    • Weight: 11 lbs. (5kg)




    The Revolution Lens System includes 9.8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, 32mm, 40mm and 60mm Revolution lenses plus interchangeable "PL" mount for use with selected "PL" mounted prime and zoom lenses. The "T" stop range is T7.5 to T64. The "PL" mount at the camera end of the Revolution will accept one 40.5mm filter at the rear and two 40.5mm filters screwed into the front of the mount. The Revolution lenses can be filtered directly by attaching the 2" x 3" clamp on filter holder. This holder can be used either in a horizontal or vertical position on the lens. When using "PL" mounted lenses, filters can be attached to the front of the lens in the conventional manner.



    9.8mm PL 2" 0.5 lbs
    12mm PL 1-3/4" 0.5 lbs
    16mm PL 2" 0.5 lbs
    20mm PL 3" 0.5 lbs
    24mm PL 2-1/4" 0.5 lbs
    32mm PL 2" 0.5 lbs
    40mm PL 2" 0.5 lbs
    60mm PL 2" 0.5 lbs

    Revolution Borescope - PL and Mini PL
    Revolution Large Snorkel - PL
    Revolution Multi Mount Relay

    Cine Magic International's new Revolution Lens System. It's the world's first snorkel lens system that allows live panning of the objective lens while maintaining a level horizon. The built in image orientation optics allow the image to be rotated to any position within a 360 degree circle. Spinning images can also be accomplished by continuously rotating the image rotation ring.

    When using the Horizon Tracker module, the horizon can be set to the desired position and locked. This innovation allows the objective lens of the snorkel to be panned while the horizon remains in the level or dutched position that you have chosen. A six or seven inch diameter is all that is needed to achieve the 360 degree pan making this device ideal for tabletop or miniature shots!

    The Dual Swivel module adds a second pan axis to the lens system. In this case, the horizon lock is not used. The horizon can be adjusted manually or electronically. The Preston FI+Z focus system available at Clairmont Camera, can be programmed to automatically correct the horizon while panning with the Dual Swivel module.

    This ability to control the horizon angle while aiming the camera and snorkel at any angle, in any direction, gives the Revolution a distinct advantage over previous snorkel systems that limit the control over camera movement in order to maintain the horizon line. Whether using the Horizon Tracker module or the Dual Swivel module, infinite shooting angles can be achieved without requiring specialized and time consuming rigging equipment.

    Michael Ferguson

    System Associates llc

    Film & Broadcast Television Equipment

    Wanted and For Sale

    623.937.0209 Office

    623.451.4439 Mobile Device


  4. Hello My name is Michael Ferguson. My company System Associates is the exclusive representative for Clairmont Camera in North Hollywood CA surplus Film Cameras and Accessories. Digital gear too. Clairmont Camera is renowned for the meticulous care and maintenance of their gear. All Film Cameras come with a 90 day parts and labor warranty. We have lots of Film Cameras for sale What is your request?.



    A-Minima Super 16 Camera For Sale $5500.00 Plus Shipping


    Includes: Video tap B & W, (4) 200' magazine Power block, (2) rods - short, (2) rods - long, Right handgrip w/2 2pSPL-2pSP, Dual handgrip bracket, Left handgrip w/ext., Carry handle - 3 pc, (2) 12v PC 4pcm-4pcf, (4) 3v Lithium battery, (2) pouch / 200' magazine, (2) fuse, Case, Battery compartment cover, (2) 4pcm-4pPm batt cable, (2) 12v .7A on-board battery, (2) 12v .7A on-board charger, Instructions and a Yellow Pelican Case.


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