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  • Birthday 11/22/1990

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    Boston, MA
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    writing, reading, going to the movies, action/adventure/fantasy films, movies based on books, foreign languages

About Me

I'm a fifth-year college student studying theater and foreign language north of Boston. I realized that I wanted/needed to be a cinematographer/DP in December of 2012...almost four whole years after starting college in a theater track.


I am also a writer, and have two screenplays and a novel in the works. I hope to have at least one screenplay finished and edited by the time I graduate college.


I'm hoping to make some connections and maybe find some work to expand my horizons and get me closer to my goal of working as a DP on larger-budget films. I'm very excited about all of the expansion in the industry that's coming out my way - there's a production house opening not far from where I go to school, and that makes me extremely happy.


Glad to meet you all, and I hope to talk to you more at length as we get to know each other!


I also entered Campus MovieFest for the first time in the spring of 2013, and my film was chosen as a campus finalist!

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