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  1. Hey guys, Part of the storyboard I've been given for a client requires a light bulb to be blown up. It's for an electrical engineering company. What is the best way to do this? Using a high frame rate would look best. Would it be better to see if a VFX company can achieve this? Or is hiring a high frame rate camera + hiring specific crew for the shoot a better option? Thanks in advance, Jordan W
  2. Thanks guys for your help ! We have discussed the budget and it looks like getting a stock video is the most effective/quickest solution. We have changed the storyboard to suit. Cheers, Jordan Watson
  3. That sounds like so much fun! I would love to come down and have a look one time ; ) There is many different situations where the large aircraft suit 'x' project, and drones for 'y' project. The trouble is just finding the perfect balance... I will check out your video!
  4. You couldn't be more accurate! This is definitely a time where there won't be anyone short of needing someone to build your house or fix a power black-out.
  5. Thanks Robert, you're definitely right. I think a technocrane from panavision / or hiring a drone is the best way to go from here. Working with Cineflex cameras regularly sounds great, the images that coming from them are breath-taking! Thank you for the detailed response. Cheers, Jordan Watson
  6. You're right Chris, It nearly seems like every 2nd person I drive past has an orange hi-vis shirt !
  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate all your responses. It's a safety induction video for a construction engineering company that's being showed to over 1 Million employees per year. The story board requires lots of aerial shots / VFX etc so their budget is quite high. I'll contact Panavasion in Sydney (AU) to discuss this with them. Cheers, Jordan W
  8. Thanks Brian for your reply, we were looking at the Cineflex Elite (Arri alexa Log C) in Sydney, Australia. I will discuss all this with my client and will go from there. Would it be faster/cheaper to hire a 30ft technocrane from Panavision to do the same shot?
  9. Thanks Robert, I appreciate your reply! I will work out what the max budget is with my client and then we will go from there. Cheers, Jordan W
  10. Hey guys, What's the price on average for a helicopter shot? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Brian, I appreciate your reply! Will suggest this to the client. Cheers, Jordan W
  12. Hey guys, Does anyone know what the average price is for a cineflex elite system + ARRI alexa for aeriel footage to rent for the day? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey guys, 2 Questions: 1. I'm reviewing a storyboard that a client has sent me and they want a shot of a bird landing safely on electrical wires (telegraph poles). Should I get a VFX team to create an animation? or Is there an easier / cheaper way? 2. They also want a dead animal (sheep or horse) on the ground that has been electrocuted from the sub station. What's the best way to do this? Thanks in advance!! Jordan Watson
  14. Thanks Brian, I appreciate your reply. I'll have a look at the articles you have sent me. Cheers, Jordan
  15. Thanks everyone for all your responses. I really appreciate it ! Thank you so much Aapo for your in depth reply, it's really helped me understand the overall process of post-production. Cheers, Jordan
  16. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your replies. I think I'll wait until it's released and read some reviews about it. The new Cion looks like a great camera, I'll look into that further. Cheers, Jordan
  17. Hey guys, I've heard from numerous people that Avid is in financial trouble. Is this due to programs such as Final Cut Pro? Are they not marketing themselves enough?
  18. Hey guys, soon making a corporate and require VFX. This is the first time I have needed a VFX team. What is the process? Collect footage > VFX > Colour grade? Or collect footage > Colour grade > VFX? Thanks in advance!
  19. Hey guys, what are your thoughts on the new Blackmagic Ursa? In need of 4K so I can be more flexible with clients when they want to zoom in on an image. Is it worth the buy? Thanks!
  20. Hey guys, what sort of lights would be producing this shot? 2K Arri Fresnels? Any gels and fill? Thanks!
  21. Thanks for your response Stuart, I will use that setup when shooting my next scene. Thanks for all your replies everyone! It's been a great help!
  22. Thanks David and Stuart for your replies, it's greatly appreciated. So if I were to do a similar lighting design to this, perhaps an Arri fresnel through some sort of diffusion sheet would be the trick? Also desaturate the colours in post to create that neutral grey colour?
  23. Hi Phil, I'm not sure if there is/isn't windows in this room, however in another similar scene, there is a backlight used in another 'lights off scene'. There are 2 windows, both with 'moonlight' coming through, however there is an additional light coming from the ceiling?
  24. Hey Guys, I have just taken a screenshot of 'The Conjuring' , and was wondering if anyone knows what type of light fixture was used to create this type of look? There are other scenes where it's obvious there is 'moonlight' coming from the windows, however this is coming from the ceiling as seen in the reflections on the microphone right of screen. Thanks in advance!
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