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Erik Goodman

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About Erik Goodman

  • Birthday 08/02/1995

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    Minot, North Dakota
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    Arri Alexa, Arricam LT/ST, Arriflex 235, Arriflex 416, Sony F65, Arriflex SR3, Red Epic Dragon
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    Utility and Camera Assisting

About Me

Hello, My name is Erik Goodman. I’m an aspiring Camera Assistant with an extreme passion in making films. Growing up in Minot, North Dakota, I was not exposed to the entertainment industry. However, it still found its way to me. I took the journey down to Winter Park, Florida where I am currently enrolled in film school at Full Sail University. I joined the ICG Local 600 in June, 2015.

I have experience doing short films, documentaries, and spec commercials. I have worked with multiple cameras and camera systems. I have extensive knowledge about the job of a Camera Assistant and how to perform the tasks at hand on a professional set. I prefer to work under pressure and alongside people whom are just as passionate as I am. I am always excited to learn more about the job knowing it will only make me better at what I do.

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