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  1. Hello


    So I am trying to create - on a very small budget - moon light coming through a window and I am grappling with which light and tools will do the trick best: Kino Wall of light or a 2.5k HMI book-light?


    Any advice would be immensely helpful!!! Reference image is attached.


    Thank you in advance!



  2. Hello-


    I am lighting a (round) dinner table scene and I am looking for a bit of a dramatic look. Lighting 3 actors of varying ages, and the idea is create a bit of arena at this table where by the light source from above is main source and the rest of the room is very much in shadow.


    Budget is of concern so, I thought I throw this out the community as I am struggling to decide what light would best do the job: par can or LED panel with diffusion.


    I have attached a reference from inglorious bastards.


    Thanks all!




  3. Hello-



    I am opening this question up to the pros because I am shooting a film with the Sony A7s and I planned to use the these TV simulation LED flickering lights. But the lights cause banding and video flicker.



    Is there a way to get a "clear scan" on the A7S camera? or a work around with the Shutter to get a clear or clearer image?







    The light:



  4. Hello


    I have a night shoot where I have cheat the essece of soft early evening (day light) spill onto a charcter sitting by a window...can I do this salt and peppered (daylgith and tungsten bulbs) in a couple of kinos?


    Many Thanks!


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