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  1. It says "cool white(>6000K)" on the product. I guess it might be even more. But they were too lazy to write the exact value. It gives a really disturbing white light. It's a really cheap one for poor students like me, so it's not a real good equipment but unfortunately it's all we have. And yes i want it a bit warmer than daylight. Maybe not exactly 5200K but something around it. Camera option is a bit hard for me because we will use multiple(and different brand) cameras. So i thought controlling the source is easier. Thanks for the reply sir.
  2. Hello everyone. I have question for the helpful people of this forum. Lets say i have a cool white LED light(≥6000K). As many of you agree this temperature is a bit disturbing for the eye.( At least to mine.) So, my question is which filter(s) should i use for to balance it to 5200K? Thanks for your attention.
  3. Hello, as everyone knows BM offers great quality with low prices. But still it brings it's own problems. Especially with the post pro and processing the media. Now considering that i'm just a film student right now i'm a bit scared to invest such money on a camera like this with the lack of professional post pro support. What alternatives do i have? What is your opinions. Thanks everyone.
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