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  1. Hi everybody,


    I have a big doubt about White balance.

    I know how it works with the tungsten light, fluorescent or HMI but my question is:


    what WB I have to setting in camera if I have colored light (with gels) as key light?

    what is the best setting to maintain a good skin tones?


    For example, in the picture below..

    (lighting with kinoflo + pink gel)


    Thank you so much for your help



  2. Hi everybody,


    sorry for my bad english but I'm italian guy, I hope you understand.

    I have some questions on these two reference

    I have an my idea but I would to be sure and I ask for your experience.


    Frame 01



    What kind and how many lights should I use for this shot?

    How I can do that "cyan effect" on background?

    What is the best white balance setting in camera?


    Frame 02



    How many lights should I use for this shot?

    In your opinion, there is a "real flare" or it is made in post-production?


    Thanks a lot



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