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  1. Canon L Series, 6 X Primes w/ Custom Duclos Cine-Gear Paid $11,800 for the following. Selling for $7200. Incredible glass. Covers the Red Dragon 6K sensor with no problem. I used these lenses to get me into a better position as a cinematographer by being able to get more work by having these lenses. These enabled me to get more work which I needed to build my reel. Great opportunity for the next person to step forward. All Lenses are in Pristine condition and being sold. Full set of Canon L Series Primes with filters and custom Duclos Cine-Gears in perfect condition with Pelican Case for sale. 14mm L 2.8 24mm L 1.4 35mm L 1.4 50mm L 1.2 85mm L 1.2 135mm L 2.0 All have Custom Duclos Cine-gears. Multiple filters including Polarizer and complete new Tiffen ND filters kit. Comes with Pelican Case Please PM me for more photographs and thanks for you time.
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