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  1. For anyone local? Your more then welcome to stop by our shop here in Sun Valley to check out our LED FRESNELS! Perhaps even demo one.


    We will have most of our LEDS at The Digital Cinema Society Lighting Expo at IATSE Local 80 stage this Saturday, March 4th, 9am-5pm Besides DCS membership, event open to locals 600, 728 and 80.

  2. Also take into account that a LED should be close to 50k hrs compared to a EGT that lasts about 250 hrs in a perfect world.

    Could be up to additional $7k in globes compared to 1 LED

  3. Less distro/cable/power consumption to run with LED's that could all be powered with Extension cords and cube tabs.

    Less heat output = less cost of Air Conditioners with LED's



    And YES our LARGER 24k tungsten will set things on fire if to close!!

  4. Our Filmgear Power LED 40, 80, 160, 240 and 360 all can be powered by battery. Tungsten, daylight and Bi-Color. Also check our 150w and 250w LED fresnels.

    You can stop by to check them out if you like. We're in Sun Valley.



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