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  1. Thank you Bruce Greene i will try my best and lol nice pic I'm so grateful that you guys are helping out!
  2. Thx for the tip Reggie Also +1 for marking hard stops on the follow but nowadays it's hard to mark the follow focus because the director wants to shoot immediately is marking the follow focus with distances a better idea in general or do people make approximate marks nowadays ?
  3. You are right, it's just that i haven't been that well guided before and making mistakes not on purpose ofc just me not understanding what to do.
  4. I didn't knew about the curve oh wow And about the old fashioned way you are right i am not that good in distances i should improve and try to practice at the rental house more, can't believe how open you guys are and helpful i appreciate it a lot
  5. It does thank you so much Time to pray to the focus gods :)
  6. Thx for the tips man ! will try to do it and yes i agree monitor focus assist isn't accurate at all, hopefully i am going to try to learn where 3,5,10,20 are.
  7. Thx for the tips man any kind of camera and lenses setup to use like what lenses can someone like me use with long rotation and affordable ofc
  8. Hey guys i am a second camera assistant who has been working in the field for 4 years now yet everytime i get a chance to pull focus i end up failing badly to the point that either i lose my chance and they hire another ac to do the job or the director says we need to move on we can't keep repeating all day so the dp bumps the iris to 4 or 5.6 and does it himself, i just don't understand how some people can do it i mean if u can't practice how can you learn :(
  9. Around a couple of months ago a dp showed me one with burn in i guess its only applicable for oled type.
  10. Yeah it is for the rental house i work for i am still waiting for them to answer me :)
  11. Hey Robin no i haven't tried the smallhd yet because the majority of dps here like the tv logic although i have heard a lot about it but was afraid of the burn in problem on the screen.
  12. Hey Robin yes the wooden camera version is nice but we were looking for a second cage from another brand.
  13. Hi John do they have a v mount version or v mount is too much as a weight thank you!
  14. Hi guys do u have any suggestion regarding this topic any brand that manufacture this kind of cage it is for the 1st ac
  15. Hi guys recently one of our schneider diopter full+3 coating got damaged we wish to remove all the coating off by polishing it do you guys know a good product that can help remove the coating ? here's an image of the filter https://imgur.com/Dsw3oct
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