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  1. I'm looking to cost-out 16mm SR3 (or similar) package rental for a ulb film project later this year. I'm finding it difficult to source 16mm camera equipment in San Diego. Can anyone recommend a 16mm rental source in SD or LA? Or do folks just buy a cam off eBay? Thanks!
  2. I'm no expert, just picking this up - my understanding is that double-X 7222 has a pretty narrow exposure latitude anyway. I don't recall seeing halo'ing in CLERKS, that was shot on an SR1 I believe with Double-X. I'd planned to shoot on an SR3 or perhaps something newer.
  3. GH5 footage looks amazing - (watch it at 4k - wow!) Not the look I'm after, but amazing nonetheless
  4. I've seen some comments to the effect that because 7222 (or other B&W films) has no rem-jet backing (why, Kodak, why?) it has halo problems in some cameras like the SR3 because of reflections from the reflective gate backing plate. How to avoid? Best camera for using 7222? Thanks Greg
  5. Please excuse my complete ignorance on this; I've produced a couple of documentaries and lensed them myself (HD video) but I'm now investigating the feasibility of a plan for an ultra low budget narrative project. Is there an online location that DPs hang out to post such a role to? Or general film crew website? This first narrative effort will be a non-union production but if I remember correctly this isn't a problem for union DPs.
  6. Appreciate this. Do you have the name of someone at Kodak to contact?
  7. Thanks for all the responses - I haven't been able to get back to the thread till now. One reason for planning 16mm is to future-proof the project. I was at a MeetUp indie producer meeting in LA a few months ago, and unless I'm missing something, acquisition even for low budget projects seems to be ideally 4k. I'm not sure 16mm will scan that high, otherwise something as simple as the Blackmagic Pocket mentioned by Macks might conceivably work, notwithstanding artifacting.
  8. I'm in the planning stages for shooting a suspense-genre feature film - probably around the 80 minute mark. I'd like to shoot the thing on 16mm B&W Kodak Double-X, but my back of a napkin calculations are that it will close to double the acquisition cost. Are we at a point where we can close-enough simulate a 16mm film look, especially texture/grain in video in post? Another question: I plan to telecine the negative and post in video - folks do that, right? Thanks
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