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  1. Trying to track down a few items for the 235:

    - 235 Side Bracket SBR-1 (K2.55015.0)

    - 235 Low Mode Handle LMH-1 (K2.55006.0)

    - 235 Shoulder Pad SP-1 (K2.55005.0)

    - 235 Camera Handgrip, Right (K2.45886.0)

    - Arri Universal Mounting Arm, either 120 or 240

    If anyone has any of these items, please let me know.

  2. I am selling a full set of Contax / Zeiss lenses. These are all the hard-to-find MM models (no 'star' bokeh), in all original and excellent condition.

    Photo's here: https://goo.gl/photos/nS9zhGfS4C9TfNff9

    21mm f2.8 MMJ (Japan)

    28mm f2.0 MMG (West Germany)

    35mm f1.4 MMG (West Germany)

    50mm f1.4 MMJ (Japan)

    85mm f1.4 MMG (West Germany)

    100mm f2.0 MMG (West Germany)


    135mm f2.0 MMG (West Germany)

    180mm f2.8 MMG (West Germany)

    Comes with Pelican hard case

    Asking Price is $8,400. Paypal only, I will cover the fees. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

    Local pick-up would be fine as well, I am located in Boston, MA. Please PM me with questions.

    Thank you,


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