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  1. Hi all! Searched the forums and couldn't find what I was looking for. Hoping to get some advice on the following:

    I'm shooting an ad next week for a tech start-up which will sell a very shiny, reflective, orb-shaped device. We will be shooting it on location, in home environments. Picture of the device here: https://imgur.com/a/z5XhTT1

    I don't have much experience shooting reflective surfaces besides glassware. Can anyone provide tips / advice / insight / hacks for how you like to approach this problem? I've done a good bit of research but I'm still not feeling confident going into the shoot. Seeing environmental reflections is okay, I just don't want to see myself (or gear as much as possible).

    I should mention that I'll also be shooting plates without the device, and also reverse wides from the device POV for their post team to use to create "reflections" digitally.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  2. Hi all,


    Just finished my new cinematography reel which I also edited myself. Its a mix of commercial, fashion, documentary, and a bit of narrative work. Id like to be doing more narrative and doc work so I tried to push it in that direction, while keeping it light and fun with a good mix of commercial work to appeal to potential clients.



    Would love some feedback. I feel proud of my work but I also feel like I am lacking a certain polished, high cinema look that I am constantly pushing for and watching other work to try to understand how to achieve.


    Anyways would love to hear your thoughts, the good the bad and the ugly. I am always trying to push myself and improve my work.


    Thanks in advance!


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  3. Hi Kirk, Hi Dom,


    Thanks very much for your feedback, it's all really informative and helpful.


    This morning by a stroke of luck the lens came unstuck. It seems to be functioning perfectly now! I guess I was a little premature in posting but all the information on the camera is great nonetheless. As you mentioned, maybe something small was jamming it and I knocked it loose finally.


    I'll still take it in to have it looked over and serviced. Will let you know if they find anything interesting and, eventually, results if you're interested!





  4. Hi all,


    Long time lurker first time poster.


    I picked up a Canon 1014-XLS in beautiful condition off craigslist from a local here in LA. Came with the original box and all the accessories. It's lovely.


    Everything works as it should, and everything is clean and smooth except....the lens is stuck. The zoom motor seems to work, when I press W and T both cause the motor to move (or so I hear), but the lens barely budges. It's stuck at the far end at 65mm. Read the manual and saw nothing about locking focal length.


    I've reached out to two local Super 8 shops as I want to have the seals replaced anyways, but I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this and maybe it's something I can fix myself. I'm dying to play with it.





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