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  1. I scanned this home-movie I made with the retroscan universal 2k at full scanner resolution then cropped to 1080p, here is the result. I might not have used enough lighting when scanning, some areas are to noisy for my taste but then again I did not use the capturing software's de-noising setting.


  2. Hello. Matthew, I am in a similar situation with my converted to S16 Bolex SB, I also have a bayonet to c-mount adapter. What zoom lens did you end up using that gave good results?


    I also have a K3 with a meteor lens, I suppose this lens did not end up working with the bolex?


    Looking for a zoom lens that is fast, covers the super16mm gate, and works with the shorter focal lengths.



  3. I shot the following on my K3, this is my first 16mm camera. It is modified to shoot super 16mm.



    I would like to achieve an image with less flicker and if possible more stable, less "jumpy".


    I was thinking on upgrading my camera to a great working condition Bolex SBM to solve these issues.


    In your experience, will that upgrade suffice, or will I be looking at similar results?
    Should I consider other cameras instead?


    Thanks for the help!

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