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  1. But I really want to know it's safe to use the old magnetic. cause danger like the explosion or like that? Because the circuits could be obsolete? 

  2. 3 hours ago, Phil Rhodes said:

    Bear in mind the ballasts are expensive; I'm not sure that buying a light with a magnetic ballast and replacing it with a more modern one would be very cost-effective.

    Yes, of course it's very expensive, but so I can run 6k safely and easily, it needs that. That really requires thinking

  3. On 6/8/2020 at 2:01 AM, Nick Gardner said:

    The old arri HMI fresnells are great lights. I used to have 4 6ks, 6 4ks, and 3 or 4 2500s. The magnetic ballasts work just fine as far as you play by the rules as far as frame rates go. They are also really, really reliable. I did a shoot in Europe for 6 months. We shipped a container of these old HMIs over there and ran them nonstop in the sleet and rain, and they never missed a beat. Light quality is excellent. They are quite happy to run on modern electronic ballasts as well. 

    They are big and heavy, but a 4k can be put up on a stand by one guy if you do it right. Put the light on the ground with the yoke parallel to the ground, put the yoke in the stand, and walk it up from the head. Definitely easier with two guys, but doable.

    The quality of light out of a big fresnel is hard to beat.



    nice experience Nick, absolutely this is a matter that needs to be identified what we want to do. I think old arri HMI right for me, but I should be to change magnetic to new ballast 

  4. 4 hours ago, Heikki Repo said:

    Keep also in mind that old lights might have asbestos in them.

    I don't know anything before about that! 

    Many thanks Heikki and thank you for advise 

  5. I was looking for solutions that advance daylight beautifully and perfect at medium cost. LTM Cinepar He was in my interest but also Most of them are consumed. 

    absolutely we should have a good budget when we looking forward to HMI a good. 

    I liked alpha and joker, i don't know but I feel something different with those groups. 

  6. Thanks for your attention Phil. Yes You're right , that's what I want to know. When I want to footage 24fps it's any problem with old ballast. Actually I'm no need more than a 24fps 

  7. 8 hours ago, Michael Rodin said:

    Old Arri Apollo fresnels have actually got better photometrics than newer Compact and D-series thanks to bigger lenses. Color depends solely on the globe, and these lights use the ubiquitous double-ended HMI.

    Beware of old Arrisuns - the 575 with a PAR36 and the 1200 with a PAR64 lamp. Both globes are extremely rare and a conversion to MSR is usually not worth it.

    Thanks Michael and great informations.  I don't know exactly what the name is, but what I mean in this picture 



  8. Hi guys. Does anyone have any idea about HMI (ARNOLD&RICHTIER). what about density-brightness and temperature?  It's Does same arri M or joker ? 

    I don't know why it's cheap! 

    Thanks all 

  9. Great topics and many thanks for Mr:Jacobe . Also thanks for Mr: David Mullen about great information. So Just I want ask about anamorphic lenses with 4-perf 35mm to 1.85 or 1.78 aspect ratio,  so does this method give me large size of objects and characters such as look at real events through the window of the room for example.  Or just I get widescreen( 2.35 )or sharp image when I want to make ratio to 1.85 or 16x9 .       Thanks all and I'm happy especially since this is first post

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