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    Cozumel, Los Angeles, Mexico
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    Underwater Cinematography, Underwater Videography, Underwater Filmmaking

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    liquidmotion.org, liquidmotionacademy.com

About Me

Hi! Here's a quick BIO of my partner and I 🙂 Please feel free to message me for more personal contact! 

Movie Producers, Marine Experts, Explorers, Environmentalists, Educators, Authors and Speakers on Oceanography & Marine Protection, Guy and Anita Chaumette are the globally renowned, multi award-winning Filmmaker pioneers behind Liquid Motion®.

For 30 years, their internationally acclaimed, multi award-winning film production companies have been producing landmark films for cinema, advertising, education and global television.

Through award-winning documentaries, films, articles, press, public events and their non-profit (Liquid Motion® Ocean Foundation), Anita and Guy have become globally recognised environmental leaders, inspiring and educating people about the critical need to protect and enhance the world’s oceans.  Through the worlds leading Film Festivals, global television, multi-media and press, their work raises public awareness, engages stakeholders, and makes a global impact.

Guy and Anita have a 30 year record of entertaining, enlightening and inspiring millions, through the power of art, science and film.  Their films have garnered over 100 international awards, and received numerous prestigious honours and accolades for their contributions to television, science and on behalf of the sea.

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