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Found 2 results

  1. I have my two Sony complete 2nd camera systems that I'm selling - multiple Arri shoots means it's time to change out some barely used gear, so the two 2nd camera systems are on the block. Both are in great condition, both are very complete as shooting kits, and both have very low hours. One is a Sony F5 4k model, with the AXS-R5 RAW back option, media and all the rest - very low studio only hours at 588 (and only 38 hours on the back). I'm selling it for $10,800 just for the F5, with PL, FZR, Leica R and Canon EF lens mounts and more. The whole package with the AXS-R5 back, 3# 512 Gb SSDs, QXD Adapters and media, V-Moun to Anton Bauer plate, Arri LWS shoulder rig and shell case is $17,800 plus shipping. The other is my Sony FS7 Mk1 camera system with just 153 hours on it, which again is fully rigged with the XDCA-FS7 Adapter for RAW and more codecs, the fabulous Zacuto Gratical HD EVF, a full Zacuto Recoil shoulder mount system, XQD media and batteries. The basic FS7 camera is $5,750, including an ergocine shoulder rig and camera cage. The complete camera package, including the XDCA-FS7 back and power unit, the Gratical HD and Recoil systems, media and batteries is just $10,500 plus shipping. There is too much to list here, so I've put everything up at https://www.clai.tv/chris-layhe-clai-tools-2/ with photos at https://flic.kr/s/aHsmkm12cn. Call Chris at 650.762.5241 or Chris@CLAi.tv in the San Francisco Bay area.
  2. Hi guys, I’m putting my F5/R5 Raw Recorder kit up for sale. It’s a complete, ready-to-shoot package, in excellent condition and has served me extremely well on commercial, narrative and documentary content, it's a camera that does it all. Package includes the following: - Sony PMW-F5 with 4k Internal Recording Upgrade - Sony AXS-R5 Raw Recorder - Sony DVF-EL100 OLED Viewfinder - 4x 64GB SxS Cards (1x SxS, 3x XQD + Adapters) - 2x 512GB AXS Raw Cards - Sony USB3 SxS Card Reader - Sony AXS Raw Card Reader - Element Technica Top Plate - Element Technica Side Plate - Element Technica Micron Bridgeplate System for 15mm LW - Element Technica Studio Riser (For Conventional Bridgeplates) - 3x Element Technica Micron Dovetails - Dovetailing Handheld Kit (Berkey System 15mm Handles + Micron Dovetailing Shoulder Pad)
 - Berkey System 15mm Rails

 Looking for $19,000 USD / $25,000 AUD for the whole lot, so you can save yourself a bundle.
Here's the camera:



 The dovetailing shoulder pad: 


And how the handheld kit works:



 And, so you can see what the camera's capable of, my showreel (about 90% of which has been shot with the F5):

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