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Found 10 results

  1. Freefly TERO Camera CarRemote Controlled Vehicle for 3 Axis Gimbals.Is a Completely Unique way to move the Camera.Allowing for Extremely Dynamic Low Camera Angles utilizing a Full 3-Axis Stabilizer.Agile Movements.Quick Resets.Brushless electric motor drive with Vibration Isolation SystemCapable of speeds of 30+ mphIncludes RC Radio Transmitter for ControlPowers by 4S or 6S BatteriesLength: 31” Width: 18” Height: 10” Weight: 20 lbs Included:Freefly TERO CarController1 4S BatteryPriced at: $4400 Please Text if interested: 760-505-7011 Thank you
  2. Freefly MoVI Pro Gimbal In Excellent Condition Also Included: MoVI Pro Ring 2x MoVI Pro Batteries 2x MoVI Pro Battery Chargers 2x Carbon Fiber Rods with Mounting Adapter 2x Ignite Digi Solution Extension Arms... Allowing it to Mount Longer Lens. MoVI Hot Shoe Mount (Canon 1DX Camera and Canon 24 - 70mm Lens sold separately.) Priced at: $4500 Please Text if interested: 760-505-7011 Thank you.
  3. Freefly MoVI Controller In Excellent Condition. Focus Knob Label Ring Full Control over Pan, Tilt, Roll, Focus, Zoom and Iris. MoVI Controller RP-SMA Receiver Controller Aux Power Cable (for powering 2.1 barrel accessories like monitors) IDX P-VS2 V-Mount Battery Plate with integrated Power Cable Tripod Mounting holes Priced at: $3100 Please Text if interested: 760-505-7011. Thank you.
  4. For sale is a complete RTF heavy lift aerial photography kit, including all components necessary to operate in a set environment. All gear was purchased in mid 2018 to mid 2019. Total investment was north of $52,000. The centerpieces are the Freefly Alta 8 and MoviPro Aerial Bundle. Gear was cared for meticulously and is in like new condition. Asking $35,000 for everything. I will also offer basic training on the set up and operation of the gear if you are located within a reasonable distance from Southern California. Items included are as follows: Note: click blue text for pictures Drone: Alta 8 + Case includes dual Futaba R7008RS receivers installed, installed FPV camera, pelican case, tools, and spare parts as included with a new purchase Freefly Backpack Kit (never used) Freefly Alta Extended Spacer (never used) Freefly Alta 8 Spare Parts Kit TBS Triumph Antenna Set upgraded FPV antennas on Alta and FPV monitor DS-30 Anti Collision Strobe FAA approved for night operations, flying under 107.29, includes custom wire harness with 9V battery case Futaba 14SGA transmitter Tarot Transmitter Cage (used lightly) Includes hardware to mount monitor and Teradek Rx, custom wire harness to power monitor and rx with lipo batt(not included), and body harness Drone Batteries/Charger: (16) Tattu 12,000mAh 15C Lipopolymer Batteries (8 sets) Maintained log of life cycles to monitor health, the most heavily used batteries still have a predicted 85% life remaining to function at full capacity (based on 200 cycle lifespan) Rotor Craft Custom Charger Case Mounted in Nanuk 930 weather resistant case: Revolectrix DPL6-T charger, Meanwell RSP2000-24(capable of 2000W on 220V outlet), step down converter, DPL wire kit, also included are 2 parallel charging boards-makes it possible to charge 12 batts simultaneously), EC5 charge leads, power cable (for standard 120v outlet), voltage checker (2) 1510 Pelican Storm Cases (in OD Green) Used to transport batteries Gimbal: Movi Pro Aerial Bundle + Case as described on Freefly’s website. MoviPro, MoviPro landing gear, Mimic with handle bars, Bush Pilot lens control knob, 2 MoviPro batts, 2 MoviPro battery chargers, MoviPro Aerial Bundle Pelican case, and other accessories Freefly Movi Controller Freefly Toad on a Stick Freefly Red Epic DTAP Power Cable Freefly XL Red RCP Serial Cable Freefly Twin 15mm Pop’N’Lock Quick Release Freefly Pop'N'Lock Screw Mount Quick Release (2) SinMax Wifi Signal Boosters Used to amplify Movi Controller Tx signal. Significantly improves range over stock configuration, includes custom DTAP power cable Downlink Teradek Bolt Pro 3000 Deluxe Kit SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transceiver Set (Vlock) includes one Bolt Pro 3000 transmitter and two receivers, along with a black panel antenna array in an SKB water resistant Utility Case. Also included in the kit is a 14.4V single receiver V-Mount battery plate, all necessary cables, hardware, and power adapters Gimbal Control Station Rig: 2 Rock Solid Master Clamps Rock Solid Low Boy Roller Rock Solid Aero Elbow Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm Rock Solid Camera Platform Used as monitor mount Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter Rock Solid 22" Telescoping Arm Aero Utility Tray with Arm Monitors: Fieldview 777SB DVR 5.8GHZ FPV 7" Monitor with built in battery FeelWorld FW759 7" Ultra HD 1280x800 IPS Screen Field Monitor Power: (2) Ecoflow Rivers + Soft Cases RIVER Ultra-Capacity 500-Watt Portable Mobile Power Station for 2 AC and 6 USB Ports each Comm: Eartec UL4S UltraLITE 4-Person System Includes Single-Ear Master Headset and 3xSingle-Ear Remote Headsets, battery charger, and 8 batteries (1 extra set), also includes soft case (4) Motorola T600 Talkabout Radios Two Way Series 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Analog General Radio, includes 4 radios and 2 chargers Link to Photo Album
  5. Used Freefly Movi M15 for sale: Include: - 4 Batteries Lipo - 1 chargeur Lipo - accessories Movi - Pelicase Price: 4000€ zaarour.joelle@gmail.com
  6. Selling used Movi Pro Handheld Package + Extras: $6000 total. Will ship at purchaser's expense, local to Boston. Ideally sold as full package. Paid ~$8000 new 1x MoVI Pro Gimbal 1x MoVI Ring Pro 1x MIMIC 4x MoVI Pro Battery Pack 1.8Ah 2x MoVI Pro Battery Charger 1x COM to MoVI Controller Receiver Cable 1x Movi Pro Jason Case 1x Movi Pro Handheld Case 1x MoVI Rod Mount Adapter 2x Bolt 3/8 -16” 2x Bolt 1⁄4 -20 x 1⁄2” 2x Bolt 1⁄4 -20” 1x Cage Top Clamp 1x 2.00mm Hex Driver 1x 2.50mm Hex Driver 2x Dualshock controller 1x Movi Pro Pop n’ lock 2x Carbon Fiber 12” Rods 1x Carbon Fiber 3” Rod 1x Cinemilld PRO Baseplate 3x Cinemilld Counterweight 2” 3x Cinemilld Counterweight 1”
  7. Selling a Movi Pro package. Lightly used, includes the following (list prices) 1x MōVI Pro Handheld Bundle for $6,500.00Additional: 2x MōVI Pro Battery Charger for $59.95 each 1x MōVI Pro Ground Case for $999.95 2x Quick Release Plug 13mm for $24.95 each 1x USB Type C to Type A Cable for $5.99 1x USB Type C to Micro B Cable for $5.99 1x MōVI Pro RED RCP Serial Cable for $199.95 1x MōVI Pro RED EPIC Start/Stop Cable for $149.95 1x RED EPIC D-Tap Power Cable for $299.00 1x Power Cable for ALEXA Mini for $299.00 1x Pop-N-Lock 25mm Quick Release for $99.95 2x Pop-N-Lock 15mm Quick Release for $99.95 each 1x MōVI Pro Classic Handle for $349.95 1x MōVI Pro ARRI Start/Stop Cable for $214.95 4x MōVI Pro Battery for $149.95 each Total list value: $10,094.18 USD Asking $7000 USD OBO
  8. Selling a MoVI M10 system. $7,200 Please email joel@jasonlindsey.com if interested or if you have any questions. Attached is a pdf of what is included and pictures as well. Thank you! MoVI-M10-ForSale 1.pdf MoVI-M10-ForSale 2.pdf MoVI-M10-ForSale 3.pdf
  9. The Freefly Movi M10 offers an alternative to the Steadicam with much faster set-up times, a smaller footprint to it get in places a Steadicam can’t, more movement flexibility like low to high-angle, gaining smoother shots much more easily. We offer ‘Dry Hire’ and fully ‘Crewed Up’ Freefly Movi Hire packages for 1, 2 and 3 person operation. We’re now offering Freefly Movi Training delivered by our Expert Movi Crew – giving you all the tips and tricks to get the most out of the Freefly Movi. For more information on hire or to book your place on our next Movi training course visit: www.movi-hire.com
  10. I am selling my complete Freefly Movi M10 kit. Nearly everything is brand new. It's got one day left and is bidding for $1,675. No reserve! Here is a link to the auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221646518576?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2648 I am willing to sell it right now for $6400 with free local pick up in LA. Let me know, my number is (951) 219-8892 Thanks!
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