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Found 2 results

  1. I am selling my ARRI 416 Plus Camera with the ARRI/Zeiss Master Zoom Lens. This production package includes: Arri 416 Plus Camera (with Arri WHITE Radio) 3 x 400' Magazines ARRI Bridge Plate (19mm) ARRI Dovetail Plate ARRI Lightweight Support (15mm) ARRI Left Rod Bracket (19mm with 15mm Adapter) ARRI Carry Handle Low Mode Handle IVS Video Assist + Monitor option (PAL) Extension eyepiece (LEE) 1.78 Fiber Optic Screen + RGB Arriglow 2 x On-Board Batteries Power Cord Various Rod Sizes (15mm and !9mm) Various small accessories (shutter tools, rigging tools) Magazine Changing Tent ARRI WFU-3 with THREE ARRI CLM-5 Lens Motors The wireless lens control system is also WHITE radio and is directly compatible with the camera. The ARRI Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5 (Basic Set) is an exceptionally small and lightweight, yet fast and responsive lens motor. The CLM-5 is also directly compatible with ALEXA Plus type cameras and can be used with other cameras together with UMC-4 or SMC-1. Comes with CLM-5/cforce Clamp Console 19/15mm. ARRI/Zeiss Master Zoom Lens 16.5 - 110mm T2.6 The Master Zoom 16.5 - 110 covers the Super 35 frame over the entire zoom range and exhibits very little breathing. This lens is in pristine condition. Comes with a wheeled travel case. LENS FEATURES: - Focal range of 16.5 to 110mm - Fast Maximum Aperture of T2.6 - No ramping - Virtually no breathing - Provides superior damping of stray light and flare - Active temperature compensation - Almost no geometric distortion-- even up close! - Built-in Lens Data System (LDS) - Super Color Matched with all ZEISS cine lenses TECHNICAL SPECS: - Focal Length Range: 16.5 - 110mm - Focal Length Ratio: 6.6:1 - Aperture: T2.6 - T22 - Close Focus: 0.7m / 2'4" - Length (front to PL mount flange): 442mm / 17.4" - Front Diameter: 165mm / 6.5" - Weight: 12.6kg / 27.8lbs - Front Element: Radical aspherical lens element - Lens Coating: T* XP - Coverage: The complete ANSI Super 35 image area (24.9mm x 18.7mm/0.980" x 0.7362") Selling as a complete package $65k Serious inquiries only. I also have it listed on Ebay but would like to avoid the fees https://www.ebay.com/itm/ARRI-416-Plus-S16mm-with-ARRI-Zeiss-Master-Zoom-WFU-3-Lens-Control-65-000/324130100626
  2. Hi I have the option to use either the cooke mini s4i or the Zeiss Master Zoom 16.5-110mm. The camera that I will be using is the Arri Alexa XT Studio. Can you guys help me choose by informing me about the pros and cons of one over the other? Just by going through the specs I have noticed that the master zooms are really really heavy (12.5kg!) so a steadicam/movi shot seems out of the equation. If anyone here has used both they can possibly share their experiences. Cheers!
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