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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys! I’m currently in the pre-production stage on a project that I am planning on shooting this coming summer. It’s a music video that follows a group of people with emphasis on one of them and her experience and discoveries about herself during their stay at a music festival over the course of about ten days during the summer vacation. I’ve been toying with this idea for some time now and I’ve realized that I really want to shoot this on film. I really feel that film is the way to go, both in the way I would end up working and also in the end result. I really think a slightly soft and grainy and warm and beautiful S16/U16 (or perhaps even 35) Kodak Vision look would suit the subject matter very well. This is where I need your help. I am looking for a robust and light camera system that, if 16mm, would easily convert to Super or Ultra 16, preferably hand cranked, although this is not a requisite as long as the system has interchangeable batteries that last long and can be charged from a standard 220V socket as I will be staying with the group the entire time with limited access to electricity. A hand cranked camera would probably be a better option. I already own an H-16 Rx that I have some experience with, however it is not ideal considering I limit myself to Rx lenses and 100’ magazine and a viewfinder I’m not super fan of; too small and too dim imo. Basically, what I’m after: A light and portable S/U16 camera 400’ magazine preferably seeing as I will be shooting a lot of slowmo 24-48 fps Hand cranked is a plus Turret mount is a plus That being said … I have also been toying with the idea of shooting 35mm. I’ve seen several labs that scan 35 at a lower price than 16. Difference in the price of film isn’t that big either. Something like a Konvas looks almost perfect for what I’m after. The only problem being that it maxes out at 32fps and I’m not too familiar with old Soviet electronics. 3-perf would be more ideal than 4. I’d really appreciate some input and help from you fine people here ^^
  2. I have some questions regarding the following: I have just acquired Final Cut Pro X ( I am aware that most professionals hate this new version but it is what I have..), Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop. I shoot Regular 16mm and Super8mm. My normal procedure upon unloading my film from the camera is to take it to my local processing place - PacLab over on 2nd Ave ( N.Y.C ) then when these great folks call me I then take my film over to Greenpoint, Brooklyn (actually I get off on Vernon Jackson stop on the 7 line in Queens and walk over the Kosciszko Bridge, so it kinda of feels like Queens but I digress) and head to DiJiFi to get my film telecined. This has been my process for a couple of years now since I have been experimenting with 16mm and super8mm. When I'm there I am faced with some options and I wonder if I have been making the right choices. From what I remember, I always go for HD over SD for all my footage, I always have it output to my portable HDD and I always choose ProRes ( I think its 444) so I can edit in Final Cut Pro which I NEVER do cause I do not really know how. I come from an in camera editing school, but most of what I have shot has no narrative, basically just shooting to see if I can get "good" exposures and experimenting. So what are some things I can do using the programs I have listed and or other programs I may not know about to make my footage (A) Sharper (B) Reduce the grain © How do I play with the color/ color grade my own footage? (D) whats the deal with compression? I was reading another recent form and found it, informative but totally at a loss when it came down to the talk about compression and resolution. Since I always opt for HD, 1080p and my doing myself a disservice? Now I am shooting REGULAR/NORMAL 16MM. So far I like my footage when I get it back from telecine but feel since I am not doing any POST work, the stuff I have shot lacks in color grading/sharpness/grain compared to other folks who have shot with my cameras but are keen on doing their own color grading/post work. What are some good programs, tips, and tools a person can use to make the most out of their super8mm/16mm footage? ---for fun I shot some footage of my buddy placing acoustic however the camera was not crystal synced...I did shot on 24fps but I am now aware that this accurate. I also made the terrible mistake of shooting w/o a wind cover ( on my h4n) so a violent hiss appears on some of the audio. I had my friend re-record the songs in a acoustic friendly setting and now have the task of trying to sync the audio to the image. Knowing what I now know my footage will not come out in total sync but can I manage to somewhat match? Sincerely, Rudy
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