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Found 3 results

  1. Please see the below video I uploaded to YouTube. My Bolex B8 has an issue where sometimes, every 10 or so seconds a horizontal blip of bright light appears in the frame. I don't think it has to do with the video transfer, because I use the same company to video transfer movies filmed using my other camera (Bolex B8LA) and don't get that problem with the transfers for that other camera. I have had the film for my Bolex B8 developed by two different companies and the results are both the same - still these blips of bright light. Thus, I don't think it is the film developer that is the issue. I have tried other lenses in the past with my Bolex B8 and I also still get the issue with the other lenses, so don't think the issue is the lens. The blips of bright light happen at these time marks in the video: 0:01 0:12 0:15 0:24 Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this?
  2. Hello everyone, First time posting on the forum. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I've been experimenting and testing various standard 8mm cameras for the past 2+ years now. I recently acquired a Bolex B8 equipped with 2 lenses. One of these lenses has the Visifocus depth of field scale. I'm having a hard time understanding how to shoot these types of lenses because up until now all of my other cameras have had fixed focus lenses. I've come to realize I still have lots to learn on how to shoot and focus successfully with analogue motion picture cameras, especially with subjects moving towards the camera. I use a lightmeter app on my phone to calculate the proper exposure depending on the shooting speed and this has greatly improved my results over the years. My question is, if I'm shooting at 24 fps and the lightmeter app says i need an F-Stop of 2.8, but the Visifocus reading indicates the 'zone of sharp focus' is under 7 feet at 2.8, how am I going to focus on a subject that is 20 feet away? If i adjust the Visifocus dial on the lens to F22, zone of focus says 4-30 feet, then wouldn't the scene be under exposed? I give this example because thats exactly what happened to my footage. All of the scenes I shot with the 36mm lens at 2.8 are extremely out of focus but the exposure is correct. All the footage i shot with the other lens on the B8 looks ok. That lens is the Yvar 12.5mm f/2.5 fixed focus lens. Any tips on how to shoot and expose correctly with these lenses would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Chris
  3. I have a Bolex lens (filter) question for you Bolex experts: On many of the Kern D-mount lenses (for the 8mm cameras) the thread size is 21mm . This takes a retaining ring and lens hood (Bolex catalog code: “ADUNI” ) . You screw in the retaining ring, then drop in a Series 4.5 filter , then screw on the lens hood to hold the filter in place. I have found the selection of Series 4.5 filters to be limited and hard to come by. I want to attach a step-up ring to be able to use more commonly found 37mm or 43mm filters. I have found a 21mm to 37mm step-up ring on eBay which I hope will fit the thread pitch on the Kern lenses … OR my other thought was whether it would be better to leave the Bolex retaining ring on the lens and attach the step-up ring to the retaining ring ? However, I don’t know exactly what the thread size is on the upper part of the retaining ring … it’s slightly wider than a Series 4.5 filter (25.4mm) … according to this website: https://www.apotelyt.com/photo-accessory/series-filters Series 4.5 filter retaining ring size is 28.6mm … I have seen Step-Up rings listed for 28mm to 37mm or 28mm to 43mm . Would a 28mm step-up ring work or do I need a 29mm step-up ring ? (I’m not seeing such a thing as a 29mm step-up ring available , so I’m hoping 28mm will work ) . See the photos.
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