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Found 6 results

  1. I just read an article (http://nofilmschool.com/2016/02/cameras-used-sundance-2016-filmmakers-why) about the cameras used by DOP for the films at Sundance 2016, I notice there’re a bunch of film shot entirely or partially with BlackMagic, and cameras such as 7D, 5D Mark3 and C100. I see there’s no Sony a7 series cameras being used. What do you think you guys about the new Sony a6300 expected for march 2016? could it live up to be a camera for low budget film, with external record? being the internal sampling 4:2:0? what could the market be for it? or why would people pre
  2. I'll be shooting soon a short film (as DP), and I only have a small amount of choices in term of which camera I can use. I was wondering if anyone has personal experience to share as for how these cameras work in a low key light system, which of these cameras render the black at the best, with which one we can play with sort of gamma settings so as we can get a good latitude? I also have the opportunity to work with Panasonic AF101, but I don't like codec so much beside the fact it crashes the highlights very quickly and can't go beyond 2 stops 2 stops and a half in the blacks, so I was
  3. For sale, Movi M10 bought in February 2014 (I'm going for a heavier setup so I will need the M15). First-hand. I am the only one to use it on my own projects. Very well maintained. Perfect working conditions. Presents a few surface scratches. VERY IMPORTANT: I offer a day of training to the new owner. I will give him all the advices he need to choose the right accessories for his Movi. I will be available in New York starting from 10th of January 2015. I can also make a delivery in Paris at no additional cost. Comes with: -01 x transport case Pelican/Storm Case 'Cinema Oxide' 700usd New. Wa
  4. Hello, we are a start up production house from India making factual content for TV. For a travel show we are using the Panasonic GH3 as the main camera and the Canon 5D Mark 3 as B cam. Can someone suggest a good picture profile setting to match the footage from these two cameras? Looking for detailed profile settings
  5. A 13 year old made this video. It's absolutely astonishing. If you don't find this humbling and inspiring then you must be insane.
  6. Here my new site http://lucagrecofilm.wix.com/cinema searching for new jobs as cinematographer GEAR ​CANON 5D Mark II Sigma 24mm f 1.8 Sigma 50mm f 1.4 Samyang Cine 85mm f 1.5 Sigma 70-300mm f 4-5.6 Carl Zeiss 135mm f 4.0 Follow Focus Redrock Micro Field Monitor Lilliput 5D-II/o/p 7" LCD Hdmi 15mm camera rod Flycam 6000 with vest 150mm camera slider (also motorized timelapses) ​FRESNEL LIGHTS De Sisti Leonardo 1Kw x 3 De Sisti Magis 650w x 3 ARRI 150w x 2 ​FLUORESCENT LIGHTS KinoFlo type 8x55w bank Europass-CV-20130116-Greco-EN.pdf
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