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Found 3 results

  1. Lucky to have an Ikonoskop on loan but can't process the DNG footage. Going slightly mad trying to work up a simple workflow so I can just do some edits. My shots are all indoors with available light and gain turned up. They look great just opened up and tweaked a little in Photoshop. I used to using AE for editing and it does a great and easy job on the DNGs but too slow to use. 4+ hours to render 8 mins. So, trying to make Prores files: DaVinci Lite does a great job on the DNGs but it practically melts my 2009 MacBook Pro's GPU (GT 9600MT) causing system shutdown Speedgrade CS6 works fine on my Mac but the DNGS look awful, very dark, and red. Each clip needs special attention and once I have balanced the DNGS they then all have green shadows. The Speedgrade process seems too difficult for me. I read here about debayering but don't know if that is the problem or how to solve it. I also read that despite the Ikonoksop WB settings in SG6 it ignores all the camera metadata settings - which probably accounts for the darkness of the shots. Aside from that the SGcs6 output then seems to ignore all the grading applied (at the moment). My only practical solution is to make tifs which at least AE can use happily.Obviously then I'd have to switch out these proxies at the end for a final graded high quality render: 1. import each shot folder into Lightroom and output as tifs into separate shot folders for use in AE. Laborious workflow. 2. Do the same with photoshop using the Adobe RaW interface to process each image in each folder. Still slow and a bit Laborious but workable. What I'd really like is a solid and clear Speedgrade workflow that produces images as good as Photoshop/AE and can output all the clips as prores. Has anyone done this, please? I'm not clear how anyone without DaVinci can work with this footage in any practical sense. Is there a way? Thank-you.
  2. Hi there, I am new to the cinema DNG workflow and I just started working with the Ikonoskop a-cam-dii. Although I have been doing a lot of research on the subject, I would like to have some advice from someone with some experience in the field. My questions is the following: for projects that do not need massive color correction, would it be acceptable to throw away the DNG files after transcoding them to Prores 4444 or Prores HQ 422 and use these Prores files as the master files? What would the disadvantages be in this case, if any? Thanks
  3. To anyone here who uses DaVinci Resolve (full or Lite), you may be interested to know that version 9.1 was released today. The update includes retina support for Apple's Macbook, including the 15" Retina Macbook Pro. It also includes an enhancement for the CinemaDNG format, which is used by the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. The Resolve product manager has posted full details about the update to the Blackmagic forums, here: http://forum.blackma....php?f=3&t=4253 The update can be downloaded via the Blackmagic Support page: http://www.blackmagi...gn.com/support/
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