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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm selling my awesome Leica Super Angulon 21mm f4/22 with a 300€ Cinevised modification from TLS in the UK (like Duclos in LA) I'm willing to let it go for 700€ for Forum members :) This is a lens that goes for 700$ to 1200$ on eBay WITHOUT the 300€ Cinestyle modification! You won't find a better wide angle lens on the market! It is a gorgeous vintage Leica lens - Serial #2318464 (1969) This is the best wide angle on the market for DSLR cinematography and will fit on any camera fitted with a Canon™ EF (like 5D and other) RED EPIC™, Black Magic™, etc. It covers every sensor, even 6K camera sensors like the Epic Dragon. (I used it myself on my Red Epic Dragon™ 6K). The lens had a 300€ modification for a cine style usage (called "Cinemod" or "Cinevised") made by TLS (True Lens Services, British equivalent of Duclos in Los Angeles) in the UK so it can be used in "cinema shooting" mode with a follow focus. It bears the following characteristics: Canon™ EF hard mount (aluminium machined made to mesure by Leitax) Aperture declicked Standard pitch.32 gear focus ring for your favorite Follow Focus Arri™ standard 80mm front ring (ideal for a clip-on Mattebox) 80mm lens hood Canon™ EF mount cap It is also sold with its original Leica hood, R-cap, and sun hood (not on the photos). This lens is in perfect condition, extremely fluid and sturdy and the legendary Leica quality gives images largely superior in quality and definition to any other lens on the market (Canon, Nikon, Sigma, etc...). A true lens for filmmaking! Perfect for indie filmmakers who want true film quality images! I will ship anywhere in the world! It's a gorgeous 1969 lens (serial N° 2318464) guaranteed to cover 6K sensors. I've shot numerous features, commercials and music videos with this lens but I just got a 19mm and don't need both. This lens will be with you for the rest of your life! I'm willing to let it go for 700€ for Forum members :) This is a lens that goes for 700$ to 1200$ on eBay WITHOUT the 300€ Cinestyle modification! ​Payment with Paypal only. Here's the eBay listing: http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Leica-R-Super-Angulon-21mm-f-4-Cinemod-EF-Canon-Mount-/301849545796? and here's a music video and some graded stills from Red Epic Dragon™ 6K footage shot with the 21mm Leica Super Angulon: [video=vimeo;133956718] https://scontent-cdg2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xta1/t31.0-8/11080356_816105078480525_7327592247605669752_o.jpg https://scontent-cdg2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/t31.0-8/11074830_816105095147190_3447972711251407162_o.jpg
  2. Hi there, I'm a relative inexperienced colour-grader and I am having some issues with my footage. I was wondering if someone here could give me some advice to improve the outcome of the colourgrade! The problem is that I think that the colours look really 'greenish' in the end. Now as you can see, the raw footage that came out of the camera is really yellow. I balanced my camera by making a picture of a white sheet of paper and setting the white balance to custom (On a Canon 60D with Cinestyle). I think I should have just put the white balance to White Fluorescent Lightning. So the first thing I did was brighten the image up a bit with Colorista. Then I used Curves to add the contrast that I want. This makes the image even more yellow. To make the image colder again I added a 'cooling filter' by using Magic Bullet Looks. Normally this works perfect to do minor white balance adjustments, but in this case it seems to make the image really greenish. I hope someone can give me advice on how to fix this! From now on I won't be using 'custom whitebalance' on my DSLR anymore.. Cheers, Twan
  3. Dear all, I hope this isn't too rookie a question for this site, but I'm trying to make a decision about a project which we will almost certainly want to shoot in black & white on a Canon DSLR, and I realise that it takes me to an essential question about how those cameras record data. I've done tests shooting 10 seconds of footage in the Standard picture profile, the same in Technicolour CineStyle and in Monochrome. All three tests gave me pretty much the same size of file with the same data rate. Here's the question: Does this mean that I'm getting a more detailed image in Monochrome? It's not having to compress any colour information into the h.264 file, so is it filling up the space this leaves with a little bit more lovely detail? Or, because it's CBR, is it including a lot of blank useless colour information, causing the file to be the same size as a colour file? Why do I need to know? Well, if we are actually getting a more detailed picture by dumping colour information at source, then we'll go for that. If however it makes not a blind bit of difference, then we might as well shoot in colour, to leave our options open. Thanks, Guy
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