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  1. Hello everyone, I have a shoot coming up that involves a family interacting in a kitchen. We are building a kitchen set on a stage and the idea is to shoot the family throughout different times of the day-morning, midday and evening. I have to figure out a way to construct these 3 lighting setups without a lot of down time in between each setup (since we are on such a tight schedule). I have a pre-light day so ideally I can work out all the setups ahead of time and hopefully be at a point where I can just switch lights on and off or bring in fills and whatnot when needed. I have a good amount of gear-3ton tungsten(no hmi's), 2k's, 1k's a 5k, some source 4's.... Camera is Sony F55 Most of the action takes place in front of a kitchen sink with a window directly above it which is where I can work in the motivated light for the scene. My biggest conundrum is figuring out a good seperation of morning vs. midday. The director doesn't want to go moody so essentially it will have to be a more filled in scene which can make it harder to differentiate between the times. My initial thought is to have a large bounce through the window as a soft skylight and adding in warmer, harder shafts of light (source 4's) for sunlight. I would position the source 4's at a lower angle for the morning, and then raise them up and take the warmth out for midday. I will also have a ceiling brought in to help with natural spill for daylight (stretched muslin likely) For evening I was going to work in practicals (under cabinet LED strips) and china lanterns that would simulate overhead light fixture. Maybe a soft hint of blue moonlight from the window (although I have a hard time doing that without it looking artificial) Would love to hear any other ideas from the community as to how I can do this most efficiently while still getting a natural feel to the environment. Thanks for taking the time. This is a a wonderful resource for all of us in this field.
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