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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, For a new film I'm shooting we need to shoot a 'limbo' scene, where one of the characters in our movie is essentialy floating through empty space, nothingness. Now I'm new to visual effects cinematography, and my question is: how do you do it? I have two possible scenario's in my head: 1. We hang the actor in a theather in a special harness, and we film him infront of a white screen / green screen. We use a steadycam to float in a subtle way infront of the actor, so it will seem like he is floating. Problems: Our actor is quite heavy, and you will probably see it that the actor is hanging? 2. We put the actor on a green cube/table on the ground n front of a green screen, in a laying position, with his legs and head free above the ground. We will then film him from the side, maybe with a steadycam so we move the camera in a subtle way, so it looks like the actor is floating. The actor will have to be quite strong for this I guess to sell the effect. Problems: Will this sell the effect of a floating person? He doesn't have to look like there is no gravity, but the character is just floating there. Hope someone here can give me some tips and advice! Cheers, Twan
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