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Found 7 results

  1. What should I use to get stable footage while traveling? I don't want something too big, I want something convenient but useful.
  2. Hi Guys, I just wanted to draw your attention to www.videvo.net - after making a free account you have unlimited access to thousands of free HD stock footage and motion graphics clips. This will be of particular interest to student filmmakers and anyone on a zero budget who wants to enhance their output. I've been working here for a few years now and have had great fun shooting stock! Here's an article I wrote about our trip over London in a helicopter: http://www.videvo.net/blog/aerial-stock-shooting-over-london/ Enjoy!
  3. Is there anyone that have tested the Red Weapon 8K camera? What is the good and bad things about it? Henrik http://www.henrikameyer.com
  4. Hi all, I'm at a crossroads with a client and wanted to see if anyone can shed light in the situation: I was hired as producer to shoot a series of events and interviews and turn them into a web series for a music brand. The client stopped the project when we had about 70% completed and refuses to pay, they do however want the footage of the events. We had worked together for a long time and I thought I could trust them, my bad, but anyway there was no contract. The closest to a written agreement was my production bid in which I stipulated I wasn't granting exclusivity over the raw footage and that the rights over said footage where shared, now they are offering a rather small amount of money for the footage and want exclusivity. Does anyone know of a valid legal argument I can wave in this specific case so that I'm either paid fairly or keep a "joint ownership" over said footage??? Thank you!
  5. Hi, I'm a film student based in London. As part of a project, we've been asked to shoot a 5 minute movie using traditional methods (i.e. film - no digital). I've never shot anything using film before so this should be quite an experience; if not a little daunting. I'd like to try to emulate the style and quality of films from the 1960s. This is what I have in mind: Does anyone know which cameras and stock were likely used in this filming? I'm sure finding a camera from that era shouldn't be too difficult, but I have no idea where to find the stock. Are there sellers of old Kodachrome stock? Many Thanks, Ed
  6. Hello guys! Here you'll find my new showreel! Please comments! Viméo: https://vimeo.com/82892635 Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Axel Morin
  7. Hello there, I am a freshmen undergrad in film school and recently got the position to work as a DIT and editor on an upcoming short. The short is a collaborative effort of one of our school clubs where we managed to get together to funds to shoot with an epic. During the shoot, which is coming up this spring, I am to apprentice a professional DIT and learn the ropes. Eventually taking over once I am comfortable with the procedures and so forth. I am also going to be grading and editing the RAW footage. So prior to when my apprenticeship begins I would like to have a firm knowledge of what I am getting myself into. So I was curious if anyone had any articles regarding the DIT workflow and responsibilities of the job. Also I am looking for any articles and info on grading RAW footage which I have experience with in terms of stills, and the RAW editing workflow. Despite going into this without any experience in being a DIT, I am a very adequate editor in Final Cut and Premier. Just to let you know I’m not entirely unqualified for the position. Summary: I am looking for all information, advice, and articles regarding being a DIT to a RED Epic, and grading and editing RAW footage. Thanks!
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