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Found 2 results

  1. Hi , I will be shooting my Diploma film next week and most of it is inside a room and a hallroom,hence I am looking for some suggestion on how to setup lights indoors.Apartment is high up hence lights cannot be placed outside and using lights inside is a challange because of bounce and less control.Also Director wants both uplifting and gloomy scenes . I am looking for suggestion rather doing a recce because I cannot do it due to rental charges. I have only seen the location and took some snaps. As far the lighting kit goes ,I will be using Apurture 600D as primary and 3 other 200 W Godox LED lights along with diffusers,CT gels,flags and one china lantern (pretty low budget). Including a folder of my previous projects in school for reference (not sure if it is relevant anyhow). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d5vhuhfh6gekjr3/AADEJhZvSwwXcQiLM0yG_yH3a?dl=0
  2. I'm lighting a scene similar to this scene from The Master. The ceiling is drywall and is painted pure white. To get a good top light, can I just bounce a lot of lights off the ceiling or do I need to rent muslin? Here's another visual reference, with warmer top light. I'm still not sure what temp to make the top light. Here's the location I'm working with location photo 1 (daylight-flash from still camera) location photo 2 (no flash) I'll have about 3 hours to pre-light with a crew of mostly inexperienced PA's, so ease of setup is a big factor.
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