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Found 5 results

  1. I bought a few vintage lights some years ago from the Finnish public broadcasting company YLE and restored them. Now I started wondering what year these fixtures were introduced/manufactured and contacted Mole-Richardson Co. in CA but their customer service informed me that they had nothing to do with these lights. A little bit of googling didn't really help me out and couldn't find information about the "Mole-Richardson (England) Ltd." Does somebody know the history of the company Mole-Richardson (England) Ltd.? Or even better, does someone have any trivia about these Type 398 and Type 598 lights by the Mole-Richardson (England) Ltd.? Pretty vague questions but the history of the industry is always fascinating. Best, Tuomas 'Nopsa' Viitakoski
  2. Hello All, I finally posted my pics and favorites I saw at the NAB on my lighting website under lighting news that you all might find of interest. http://www.lightingforcinematography.com/lighting-news/ There were some really great new lights announced and some true game changers. Only time will tell what lasts. But they are all great new tools for those of us that paint with light.
  3. Hello all, This is a stupidly specific question, but I'm hoping some of the rental guys can chime in (help me, Guy Holt, you're my only hope). It recently came to my attention that all of my fixture heads are scratched to poop and I would love to do some touch up on them. Does anyone know where I could source some Mole Richardson high temp red and some Arri high temp silver/blue? I know a lot of local houses here in DC will matte black their fixtures partly for the sake of keeping them look tidy but I would love to avoid this. I know this would involve dismantling the fixtures for painting and painters taping over necessary warnings but work has been slow and I need something to keep busy. Thanks!
  4. Hi All, I'm an advanced digital filmmaking student @ the Digital Film Academy, DFA, in NYC. My thesis film, calls for an elaborate, EXT NIGHT sequence, where sodium vapors are the over whelming light source. I found 2 Colortran 650 mini brutes, in hopes of over powering the sodium's with tungsten or day light source. My issue is the instruments came wired with two, two pinned pigtailed post. I assume, they are 220V. I would like to rewire them to 110V Edison plugs. I can't decipher how to properly series them to either, 3 two light or 2, three light configurations. Please advise.
  5. Hello, I'm selling this 4 light (2 tweenie, 2 betweenie) Mole Richardson lighting kit in like new condition. There is a little bit of wear on the outside of the case and some heat discoloration on some scrims. There are a couple of extra lamps (bulbs) too. Mole calls it their #5826 kit. Mole-Richardson Tweenie II Tungsten 4 Light Combo Kit - consists of: 2 Tweenie II 650W Fresnels, 2 Betweenie 300W Fresnels, Barndoors, Scrims, 4 Lightwate Kit Stands and Moleded (Yep, their spelling) Case - - 1900 Total Watts (120-240VAC) It is the same one as this bhphoto link: http://www.bhphotovi...eenie_II_4.html and here: http://www.filmandvi...ltweeniibe.html $2500. I am near Portland, OR and will ship it to you if needed. Also, I have more pictures (and of a higher resolution) I can email you. Thanks! ~Chad
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